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FDA Deletes 1 Million Signatures for GMO Labeling Campaign

Mike Barrett |

The FDA is being directed by the GMO industry – their crimes are laid bare by this latest debacle.

Biden Hints at More Gun Laws in Wake of Trayvon Martin Case

Kurt Nimmo | Biden states Second Amendment does not allow citizens to carry “deadly weapons” in self-defense.

Obama Is Trying To Start A Race War: Exploiting Trayvon’s Death

Infowars | The social engineers are trying to spark civil unrest as a distraction.

Sheriff Arpaio: Obama’s Documents Are Amateur Phonies

Infowars | Full interviews with Sheriff Arpaio, his investigator Mike Zullo and author Jerome Corsi.

David Icke: This Is Not A Bloody Game

Infowars | Author and researcher David Icke in a powerful one-hour Infowars Nightly News interview.

Secrets of Prometheus Film Leaked!

Infowars | The elite believe they are attaining godhood and are destined for the stars.

Obama Channeling His Inner Lenin for 2012 Election

Monty Pelerin | As a nasty election draws near, Obama employs his Marxist-Leninist-Alinsky tools- starting with race-baiting.

Massive $17 Trillion Hole Found In Obamacare

Zero Hedge | Two years ago, when introducing then promptly enacting Obamacare, the president stated that healthcare law reform would not cost a penny over $1 trillion.