New Black Panthers: “Unrest All Over America” if Zimmerman Acquitted


The extremist New Black Panthers Party has predicted “unrest all over America” if George Zimmerman is acquitted, although the group denied that it was organizing riots in light of claims its leader had vowed to burn down white communities.

Image: New Black Panthers

A quote being attributed to New Black Panthers leader Samir Shabazz by numerous Internet sites states, “This time we’re doing it right… This time we’re not burning down our communities. This time we’re going out to Whitey’s suburbs and burning down HIS community. We’re going to make Whitey feel the pain.”

There appears to be no primary evidence that Shabazz actually made that statement, although he has previously made vile threats about murdering white people.

According to the group’s Twitter feed, it will “engage in no unlawful activity” in response to the verdict, but the organization also states, “We can’t and WON’T try to control the general dissatisfied population. For sure we are ORGANIZING.” The group is also planning “rallies and street maneuvers” but refuses to provide details

In another tweet, the group comments that there is “a HIGH chance of rebellion across the nation if Zimmerman is acquitted on all charges,” in addition to another message which states, “If Zimmerman is acquitted there is likely to be unrest all over America, It will be way beyond the capacity of the NBPP.”

“For the record whatever God moves Black People to do after the verdict, it can never be called a riot – it’s a rebellion,” states another tweet.

Other rumors are circulating that the Panthers are transporting busloads of agitators into the town of Sanford in order to stir up trouble, although evidence for this doesn’t seem to extend beyond unsubstantiated claims being made on the Internet.

Members of the original Black Panther party have insisted the NBPP is illegitimate and has no connection with its predecessor. The NBPP, founded in 1989, is classified by the Anti-Defamation League, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights as a hate group. The organization is noted for its ability to draw large numbers of people out to protest.

In March last year, the NBPP offered a $10,000 bounty for the capture of George Zimmerman. When Mikhail Muhammad was asked if he was inciting violence he responded, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

Thousands of Trayvon Martin supporters have vowed to riot, loot and attack white people if Zimmerman is found not guilty, prompting authorities to prepare for civil unrest.

Although nobody wants to see violence in the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict, labeling preparation for unrest by police racist, as Time Magazine did yesterday, is clearly naive and dangerous given what happened during the 1992 LA riots.


View a selection of tweets made by the official New Black Panthers account below.

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Twitter Flooded With New Wave of Riot Threats

As the jury retires to consider its verdict, threats to stage riots, looting and racial violence if George Zimmerman is acquitted continue to flood Twitter in greater numbers than ever before despite efforts by authorities to discourage unrest.


Having tracked such threats for the last two weeks, it is clear that the volume of vows to stage violent disorder is now clearly at its peak as police prepare to counter flash mob violence in both Sanford and Miami.

The defense for George Zimmerman presented its closing argument this morning with the jury expected to deliver its verdict by the middle of next week. However, the rights and wrongs of the case have to a great extent been overshadowed by sustained threats by Trayvon Martin supporters to spark Rodney King-style riots if Zimmerman is found not guilty.

Extremist groups like the New Black Panthers have also promised to oversee a “rebellion” if Zimmerman is acquitted, warning that “If Zimmerman is acquitted there is likely to be unrest all over America, It will be way beyond the capacity of the NBPP.”

Some are even asking if the judge in the case, lifelong Democrat Debra Nelson, was pressured by the Obama administration to introduce the lesser charge of 3rd degree murder at the last minute in order to secure a conviction when it looked more than likely that Zimmerman would walk free. Given Nelson’s unprecedented outburst against Zimmerman and his lawyers, such claims are gaining traction.

A week ago most legal analysts were confident in predicting that the state had failed to prove its case of murder in the second degree. Was the lesser charge introduced so late in the game in order to ensure Zimmerman would not walk, thus preventing widespread disorder?

It is important to emphasize that the tweets below were collected from a single 45 minute time period before this article was written and published. As soon as I had embedded the tweets below, 30 minutes later another 150 had appeared. You can check for yourself by searching “zimmerman riot” on Twitter and selecting “all”.

For people like Time Magazine, who are claiming that it is racist to even discuss the potential of or prepare for riots, go and actually check the sheer volume of people who are making these threats. Even if 99% of them turn out to be bluffing, the potential for significant disorder cannot be ignored no matter how many times the race card is played.

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Security preps for Zimmerman verdict

As the fate of George Zimmerman gets that much closer to be in the jurors’ hands, law enforcement and church and community leaders are on high alert.

VIDEO: Lawyers across the country have given their expert legal analysis on the George Zimmerman trial. Channel 4’s Tim Pulliam is taking another approach, talking with a local family including their two teenage sons to get their views of this trial

via Zimmerman case hitting home.


There’s been concern that no matter what the outcome is, whether Zimmerman is found guilty or not guilty, there will be public outcry from people who disagree.

The defense will make their closing arguments Friday morning. After that, Jury deliberations are expected to begin sometime in the afternoon. Thursday the judge ruled that jurors can consider a lesser charge of manslaughter, in addition to second-degree murder.

No matter what the jury decides, some people will be unhappy.

Many law enforcement and church agencies have set up a response plan. A South Florida Sheriff’s Office released a public service announcement making a plea for people to not resort to violence, but police are still bracing for possible riots.

Florida authorities have a message as the verdict in the george zimmerman trial looms: “raise your voice, not your hands” if you’re unhappy with the outcome.

Law enforcement agencies are anticipating the outcome of this very public and racially charged case is likely to disappoint people on one side or the other. That’s why Channel 4’s crime and safety analyst Ken Jefferson says they have to prepare now .

“Some are leaning this way, others are leaning another way so the police are on standby for that, they’re ready for any type of civil unrest not only are they ready in Sanford, but other cities within the state of Florida are on high alert,” said Jefferson.

Church leaders who have been given seats at the trial have pledged to use their influence in the community to stop any violence.

“They’re getting the ministers involved, they’re getting community leaders involved to say lets do this thing peacefully, whether we agree with it or not, it’s our criminal justice system we have to give it a change,” said Jefferson.

Jefferson says this type of anticipation in such a high profile case isn’t unusual. He recalls this happening with the O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson trials as well, it’s just that this one is so close to home.

“Those seem to be so far away we don’t really think about it serious, now it’s here in our town or our state if you will, but it affects the entire state this has national implications in it of itself,” said Jefferson.

Jefferson said most law enforcement agencies have what’s called a Field Force Unit that’s responsible for handling riots and protests any place a large group of people congregate with the possibility of violence. He said they train regularly and will be ready to respond should anything erupt after the verdict is read.


July 12th, 2013
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Disturbing and highly racist photos from a 1969 coloring book distributed to kids via the FBI’s ‘COINTEL’ program were a part of the secretive operation that sought to infiltrate groups like the Black Panthers by spreading such insane propaganda in their name.

Amazingly, the COINTEL program is an admitted staple in what makes up the secret programs that the FBI and federal government at large have and continue to run against public interest. What’s more, anyone can easily access a large amount of information on programs like COINTEL with a simple Google search. You’ll find that COINTEL has a major entry on Wikipedia, where the operation is plainly stated as historical fact that was both illegal and conducted secretly until busted in 1971. You can also see the images on the The University of Notre Dame website

Another disturbing excerpt from the 1969 coloring book for kids:

Another excerpt from the fake COINTEL coloring book.

From the Wikipedia article, which is linked up with albums of photos from the program as well as other items used as phony propaganda pieces to discredit movements:

“COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) was a series of covert, and at times illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveying, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations.”

In other words, this is simply admitted history that you’ve probably never heard about until now. Especially not in the mainstream media.

You can even find the entirety of the phony 1969 Black Panther coloring book on And there’s no real reason to believe that the project stopped back in 1971 when the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI went and broke into the FBI offices to expose the program through stolen dossiers. Until then, it was a highly secretive shadow operation that was meant to work through CIA-style deception and slander. Today, intelligence agencies continue this war through attempting to infiltrate the alternative news, militia groups, and others.

Here are some more images, including the cover of the phony COINTEL Black Panther coloring book for kids:






When the defense of liberty becomes a crime, tyranny is already in force. At that point, failure to defend liberty makes slavery a certainty.


Black Panthers Bussing Thousands To Florida

QStarNews claims that eyewitnesses are reporting that the New Black Panther party is busing in mobs of people to riot if George Zimmerman is found not guilty of 2nd degree murder in the death of Trayvon Martin.

Reportshave come in from eye witnesses in Sanford, Florida that the New Black Panther Party, an extremist group that has called for the killing of George Zimmerman if he is found not guilty, is busing in thousands to that town. Sanford is the location of the trial and near the place where the shooting of Trayvon Martin by Zimmerman occurred. There have been threats of riots if Zimmerman is not found guilty and it is believed that the New Black Panther Party and other extremist groups will attempt to take advantage of racial tensions after a non guilty verdict by organizing riots.

Racial tensions are thick across the country over this case, with claims like the one above, public threats against “random white kids,” by Trayvon Martin supporters, if Zimmerman is found not guilty, new documents showing the DOJ had a behind-the-scene role in organizing the original 2012 protests against Zimmerman and theories that Obama is planning for a race war if a not guilty verdict is rendered.

Authorities are taking preemptive action in preparation for potential rioting in Florida and released a statement and video to attempt to calm the racial tensions before the verdict, which is expected either this week or next.

Back in 2012, the New Black Panther Party had issued a wanted dead or alive poster (Shown below) on Zimmerman, and offered a bounty for Zimmerman. If these reports are true, the situation just got exponentially worse and more dangerous.

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