Attorney Says It’s Her Duty to Be a “Social Engineer


Jasmine Rand, the Martin family attorney, told Fox’s Greta Van Susteren that her role as a “social engineer” is more important than following the rule of law and respecting the verdict reached by a jury in the Trayvon Martin murder case in Florida.

“We’re still obviously disappointed at the outcome of not guilty, and I’d like to point out that not guilty does not necessarily mean that George Zimmerman was innocent, and we still maintain that position,” she told Van Susteren.

“The prosecution picked that jury with the defense, the prosecution agreed to that jury with the defense, the jury heard all the evidence, the prosecution didn’t get shut down for presenting any evidence as far as I know, and the jury then decided the case, and everybody was happy with that jury, and then suddenly, after the jury renders its verdict, suddenly everyone’s dissatisfied, or at least not everyone, but some are dissatisfied with the jury as though they did a lousy job or heard a different trial or didn’t listen to the case,” Van Susteren pointed out.

After attempting to defend her comments that the trial was unfair, Rand said: “I have a greater duty beyond being an attorney, and that’s to be a social engineer.”

“Just like Miami-Dade School Superintendent, Alberto Carvalho; Just like Miami-Dade School Police Chief Charles Hurley; Just like DOJ Attorney General, Eric Holder, and just like President Obama, former community organizer, the greater goal ‘beyond the law’ is to be a social engineer,” notes a blogger on the Conservative Tree House.

“What more can be said? We are not a nation of laws, we are now a nation of social engineers – so sayeth the constructionists. No wonder the exhibited Justice for Trayvon means take to the streets and attack your adversary, coast to coast.”