Robert propheticseer patrioticspace suspicous0bservers THIS IS WHY HE WILL burn in hell

via Robert propheticseer patrioticspace suspicous0bservers THIS IS WHY HE WILL burn in hell


YouTube Truth Summit Hijacked by Religious Fanatic 09-23-2012

You may have seen this promotional video I made for the upcoming Truth Summit:

Truth Summit – YouTube Activists form Voltron – September 22-23, 2012

Here is how it turned out:

Saturday September 22, 2012 Interviews:

Conference 09-22-12 r3zn8d 8:00pm EST

In the comments:

I was told my interview would be on ClimateViewer. Robert duped me, this grilling was news to me live. Half way through I am exhausted because I am stressed out over what he is doing. I feel betrayed, and am now being attacked by his flock. And no, the others weren’t grilled like this. Dutch and I watched the whole video while his entire room said “why is he attacking you?”

Glad it wasn’t just me, my wife, and Tatoott who saw it that way. link

I clearly did not say the things you are claiming. You lack the ability to understand clear thoughts, and are making false claims in the hope of discrediting me. It should be clear to anyone who views my interview that your claims are false, and that you are peddling fear-porn in my thread, however I am shocked that CTNN is not backing me up when I only spoke the truth. link




Joshua Simons or Robert propheticseer is burning in hell

Dutchsinse interview Conference 09-22-12 9:00pm EST

Notice the change in tone only minutes later?

Sunday September 23, 2012 Conference panel

YouTube Truth Summit Hijacked by Religious Fanatic 09-23-2012

The fire works start at Watch me get banned from a truth movement here 1h 7m 8s

From the video details:

If you agree that Robert tried to make this conference about faith based issues dislike this video.

Since this was a Truth Summit, and it went horribly wrong, as a citizen reporter I feel it is my duty to repost Tatoott1009′s recording of the event for all to judge. Real truthers never stop, and even at our own summit, reporting skills became necessary. Luckily Tatoott1009 and myself took the initiative to record these actions so you the viewer2 can see how it all unfolded. The truth needs little explanation here…. just watch one man’s ego and agenda wage a war of attrition on our conference.

9/25/2012 Blog post with screenshots of Robert and Beloved dropping the ban hammer will be posted shortly, stay tuned!

Thank you Tatoott1009 for recording all this for posterity, go sub him up ppl!
Original video:

Personal note: I do not wish to mud-sling, only to set the record straight. After Robert banned me in TinyChat, Beloved banned me in livestream and removed my comments. Then Robert vilifies me for almost an hour when I am unable to defend myself. Isn’t this what we are all supposed to be fighting against? Do you not see the irony of Robert’s actions. Let not your love of Robert the person cloud your ability to discern what is happening here. If Robert had approached any of us to apologize, I would not be posting this. I called Robert and left him a message saying I will pray for him, and to call me and we can talk about this. I have received no call, and am now being harassed by his flock. Yesterday my name was bashed all day in his TinyChat. To be clear, I believe in God, I am Christian, and Robert knows this. But as ExoMatrix said, this was supposed to be truth free from ego or personal opinion. Robert made his stance very clear, I do not care to hear the opinions of non-believers. He banned me and ignored Exo, didnt even stream him, and said “Yeah I know Exo is talking over there, I don’t care, I’m on the camera now and I have my agenda to fulfill.” The craziest part is that Robert could not back off his message even as his kingdom crumbles around him. This should be an example for all. Do not let your personal beliefs separate us. We should be able to disagree, and learn from one another, without the need to silence or attack one another.

My crime was not agreeing with Robert. He wants you to fear WW3 and the end-times, because if you believe The Revelations are at hand, he can save your soul. I say, “THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR

My only regret is not being able to get my point across as Exo did. ExoMatrix remained calm and collected in the face of a torrent of requests for a proclamation of faith. I could learn a lot from him, and intend to.

~ Jim Lee

Robert’s Donation Scheme

No one was informed that Robert was taking donations on our behalf and charging for our news on a subscription basis. This became an issue when one individual approached me, and voiced their concern over Robert not putting their personal donation button on their profile on CTNN. After repeatedly calling Robert, he got no response and Robert’s donate button remained the whole weekend. Here’s the evidence:

Notice the difference between Dutchsinse’s page and the rest. Dutch’s page implies that we (the panel members) would receive your donation. This was a lie. We were not even informed of this process, and received no proceeds from this weekend. If you donated, Robert pocketed thanks you. You will not be getting your updates. See it while it’s still live here.

The rest say this:

Tatoott1009′s profile

My page has already been deleted, the rest are still live, so I was unable to screenshot my page. Robert you failed miserably at covering your tracks. Had you deleted my SECOND profile page on CTNN, I may not have gotten these screenshots.

You did delete my profile page with the donate button that was here:

Unfortunately for you, the other page you made is still live here:

As you can see, Robert’s plans weren’t only to spread the Good Word.

I brought this to Dutch’s attention before the conference. He became enraged because our news is supposed to be FREE and contacted Robert. Dutch said Robert was supposed to call me. He did not. He was steaming mad that I outted his plan, contacted noone to explain, the rest is recorded in the video live.

Here are screenshots of the ban hammer being dropped, and censorship ruling the day.

I got banned as well…so did Daw…and Daw has had alot of input at a lot of different levels…disappointed to say the least…thank you tatoot…keep up the good work
Youtube Comment Link

Apparently they don’t like the title of Tatoott1009′s video (09-24-2012):

BALEETED. They sure do ban hard over in the church.

And I thought this was a particularly Christian comment from Beloved aka “The Ban Hammer of Christ”.

Beloved is lying here, and it’s really pathetic.

Now his flock is openly attacking us in YouTube video comments, very Christian. WWJD?

My apologies to all who witnessed this atrocity. Something better is being planned. Stay tuned.

A personal note to Robert.

I forgive you. You may have felt justified in your actions, however you hurt your cause and ours. I will pray for you and already have. If you confess your sins, God who is faithful and just will forgive your sins, and cleanse you of all unrighteousness. I however, will probably leave this here as a warning to all who associate with you in the future. Beware the ProfitSeeker, err PropheticSeer.