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Dutchsinse, HAARP Rings, and Facepalms




As you may have noticed, Dutchsinse is doing a victory lap over his recent “disclosure” of “evidence” “proving” his theories on HAARP are totally right.


This past week has vindicated us on many levels… a .PDF paper from Stanford University… FULLY COVERING THE PHENOMENON that we’ve been documenting since last year… the ‘HAARP ring’..’stairstep pattern’.. and ‘Scalar Square’ RADAR signature patterns. VERIFIED via scientific paper directly relating to HAARP.

Here is the full .PDF…. Page 2, section 2, subsection 11 clearly states the types of geometric patterns that are projected into the sky from the ground based HF (high frequency) station heater…. used to HEAT the lower ionosphere .. producing the typical patterns we have been seeing on RADAR which induce severe weather.

Turns out these are what ‘THEY’ call these same HAARP signatures …. Square Wave, Sawtooth Pattern, and Circle Sweep mode.

If you haven’t put it together yet… Scalar Squares = Square Wave, stairstep pattern = sawtooth pattern , and HAARP ring = Circle Sweep



The ”disclosure” PDF has nothing to do with earthquakes, in ANY way, shape, or form.  Further, “Scalar Squares = Square Wave, stair-step pattern = sawtooth pattern , and HAARP ring = Circle Sweep” is completely freaking wrong.  These are modulation modes; an “output mode” switch on a radar box, or in HAARP’s case, a software algorithm that times the antennas outputs.

WTF does “HAARP Ring” mean?  I have searched from the first ’till the last page on the internet, and have read just about every single scientific paper on HAARP, and I can assure you, there are no references to HAARP being able to hit the continental United States with a “ring”.  Further, why in the fuck would they want to?

Are these HAARP rings?

 Hole Punch Clouds aka HAARP Rings

Hole Punch Clouds - HAARP ring texas_tmo_2007029

If these are “HAARP Rings”, then explain this:

Effects of seeding Altostratus Clouds over Green Bay, Labrador: 45 minutes after seeding with dry ice

An obvious hole in a stratus deck due to cloud seeding with aircraft, using dry ice as a seeding agent. This is an example of cold cloud seeding, where supercooled cloud droplets are converted into ice crystals, which then precipitate out of the cloud deck. (USAF photo; boxed caption in the lower right reads “Effects of seeding Altostratus Clouds over Green Bay, Labrador: 45 minutes after seeding with dry ice”. Photo and boxed caption obtained from Sewell, W.R.D., et. al., 1973Modifying the Weather; Western Geographical Series, Vol. 9, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada).

These hole-punches are commonly caused by chemtrails (fuel dumping or chemical emissions from exhaust) from airplanes melting cloud ice, which precipitates (rains down) in the center of the hole.

Is this what Dutchsinse means by HAARP Ring?



That is a NEXRAD radar return, not HAARP.  In addition, what is most likely a power surge, (ever had an old stereo where the speakers popped when you changed the input selector? That could make these flashes, their equipment is usually old) could in fact be an intentional ADEPT or EDEPT to aggravate the storm. Possibly, it’s a nasty storm, and they turn the power up to get a better look at what’s going on, while unbeknownst to them, worsening the situation. Regardless, 99% or Dutchsinse’s radar anomalies are caused by NEXRAD or JSS doppler radars, not HAARP, therefore cannot be called HAARP Rings.

Want to know about Chemtrails, HAARP , VLF, UHF and weather modification? Want to prove it to a non-believer? Here you go!

In one post, he slams HAARP, irregular radar returns, the SBX, chemtrails, weather modification, hundreds of GPS coordinates (some even repeat, clearly a fast cut and paste job) and tons PDFs (he didn’t read).  This smorgasbord of techno-weenie goodness is given sporadically, without context or explanation, and free from any real revelations that weren’t on a hundred other HAARP pages.

I wrote a whole article just to show you what I mean:

The Doppler Effect: Are radars affecting the weather?

4.  Dutchsinse does not play well with others.  Apparently, he does this regularly.

Mexico pre-planned Earthquake - story jacked by Dutchsinse - credit Debi Simon

And again, 4/7/2012

To which this guy replies:

Then VOILA, it’s news!

Behold the magic that is Dutchsinse!  If you comment on his stuff, you may just be writing his next article!

3/20/2012 — ALERT ! Mexico 7.9M earthquake PRE-PLANNED = verified simulation for march 20, 2012

This article (if you can call it that) at no point credits Debi Simon for finding the story.  Further he goes on to quote William Cohen on earthquake warfare and tosses in some HAARP videos.

  • A pre-planned earthquake is a phenomenal story.
  • William Cohen’s comments could have meaning here, if dutch at least tried to verify that HAARP was broadcasting that day. For those who don’t know the real way to see if HAARP is on, go here And listen in 2.8-10 MHz which is also 2,800-10,000 KHz and reference this.
  • He ends with: “Always have your plans ready and be prepared for seismic movement — this is smart to do in ANY case — but especially now that the cat is out of the bag on this.”  This is Slavespeak and Fear-mongering.  This serves no purpose other than to let people know: the stuff I cut/pasted here is SCARY.
  • Finally we have the Vindication (Removed) which is an LOL fest.

5.  Dutchsinse False Flag Events

dutchsinse YouTube fail

2/3/2012 — Website has been RESTORED — Thanks to viewer outcry — trials and tribulations

Sadly, the original meltdown is no longer available for teh lulz.

“here is the original video I made (rage alert NC-17) I drop the eff bomb a few times among other hot under the collar statement”

Unfortunately for Dutch, I have a WordPress website too.  Here’s what actually happened that day:

The ResoNation HACKED - Now back by community support

I clicked “contact support” and about thirty seconds after receiving the following email message, both my website and Dutch’s came back online.

Our apologies. The system should not have done that.

We have removed the warning in your dashboard and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused.


Viewer support my ass.

My biggest problem with Dutchsinse.

If the guy is a truther, and wants to spread truth, then why not listen to the hundreds of people who do know what they are talking about when they say “Dude, this has nothing to do with HAARP”.   Further, a NEXRAD CANNOT MAKE A SAWTOOTH PATTERN.  It’s all sad really, he’s been presented with proof that what he is describing is impossible, yet he continues his BS train. The bottom line is, he wants to keep up the illusion that he knows what he is talking about without ever putting in the work.  You can say that I’m writing all this because I’m jealous of his celebrity, and you would be partly right.  I hate to see Dutch butcher the truth, because it leads to posts like this:

HAARP / Finally, the smoking GUNS…

on what is now indisputable weather manipulation & earthquakes by HAARP!  For example, March 2nd, the government of Mexico put out a flier that there would be an “earthquake simulation” of a 7.9 on March 20th at noon…Well, it wasn’t a simulation, it was real and happened at 12:02 on March 20th.

There are 3 smoking guns in this short video and this is verifiable info that we need to get to our Congress critters.  Check out the PDF that Stanford University did on HAARP & how it works…


double facepalm


My favorite thing to see any propagandist do is beg for money:

Funding the operation:
The help if the individual viewer is needed !!
 (Ed note: is this Engrish?)
I offer a simple Donation Option for those who enjoy my findings and are able to help !
Secure link to give is here:

my paypal name is

As you can see on my websites / videos / work — I have no advertisements, no sponsors, and I am not selling anything related to the topics I cover.

All my work is free for sharing, and distribution — radio, TV, and print.

…..Of course it is

He goes on to say how he will be making a Weather Modification documentary soon and needs your support.  Ohnoes, he got that support:

“Thanks to my viewers who contributed, I was able to achieve the 2,800 dollar goal to meet production costs (as of last week June 10, 2012).”

6/21/2012 — “Freq Weather — Weather Modification in the 21st Century” — teaser (1 of 3)


“man i wish this was the case .. I only got the funds I needed on the 10th.. I worked over the winter on a very limited budget.. and now the animations / music are being done by a trusted friend .. and last bit of tweaking are being done at a professional studio.”

The teaser has a bunch of doppler radars and the SBX (sea-based X-band radar) yet contains no video of cloud seeding, ion generators, or any other real form of weather modification.  WTF!?!  This guy has such a hard-on for doppler radars that this “documentary” is an attempt to validate is flawed theories.  I for one can barely wait to view this monumental failumentary.

Dutchsinse - begging for your cash to fund flawed science

If this documentary is anything like his “research” you best save your money.  If you really want to know about HAARP, start reading, it’s free:

Everything you could want to know about HAARP

HAARP on The Radiation Database website

The Radiation Database: Worldwide HAARP, VLF, Radar, & Nuclear locations:

The RadDB online

Weather Modification 101 – One Hundred Years of Cloud Seeding

Dutch, read what you post, before you post it.  If you don’t understand what you are reading, you shouldn’t post it or at least say “I’m not sure” or “I don’t fully understand this..”.  If someone gives you a story, a lead, or a link, thank them, and mention your sources when you’re hastily throwing another YouTube video together.

Here’s what other people are saying about Dutch’s theories:

Much Love.

This article is about how ignorance and activism DO NOT MIX.  I am making an example of Dutch as he has been found guilty of:


Deadly Sin #1: Self-Promotion at the Expense of the Movement
Deadly Sin #7: Being Scary

#7 being the worst.  ALERT – Something Bad is Happening! ALERT!  followed by nonsensical cuttings and pastings.


This article really made dutchy mad.  I will gladly debate you in any format you like dutch, cause you know you are wrong and I can easily disprove you.  Your actions prove to me that you are not interested in the truth, you are interested in whatever will make the dutchsinse brand more popular.  Your ego will be your downfall, not everyone that disagrees with you is a troll.

*** UPDATE 05/13/2012

Dutch is busy fighting trolls with similar lines of dialogue on YouTube, just furthering his denial line.  I for one give up on Dutch seeing the light.

Dutch’s improper use of terminology coupled with his ego divided by his inability to simply converse with detractors without labeling them trolls has earned this article a permanent home on my blog.

Huttate1 made a video to debunk/debate Dutch’s theories, Dutch used “The Man” to take him out in a dirty move, then denied the entire thing and deleted the two videos he made about the whole incident.  Here is proof to counter Dutch’s claims that he didn’t lodge a copyright claim against his detractor:

and the video that dutch doesn’t want you to see:

Really dutch?  Using the YouTube copyright police to take out people who don’t agree with you?  You are a sad egomaniac.

Time to teach him a lesson:

07/01/2012 — “Freq Weather — Weather Modification in the 21st Century” — teaser (2 of 3)

The buildup.. the anticipation!!


A second teaser trailer showing a bit more on topics covered.. and a quick rough shot of me out in the field working on the project. (look quick .. im camera shy) Getting me on film is like pulling teeth.. only when it MUST be done! lol

This documentary touches on the major aspects / uses of frequency as a force multiplier, and as a geo-engineering tool.

I touch on topics like HAARP, NEXRAD, VLF (very low frequency) , owning the weather by 2025, military force multipliers, —- several animations show the process much better than words can describe.

Thanks to all who helped get things going over the winter , up to June 10th 2012
(6/10 I reached the $2800 fundraising goal).

Final touches being made..

Be safe, and be prepared… severe weather is now something on everyones plate… have your plans practiced and ready!

much love to all,


Now this teaser video has been removed, along with just about everything else I have linked in this article.  Only this time, I did to dutch, what he did to Huttate.  You see, dutch’s little teaser video was actually a cut and paste of this video set to dubstep:

He was claiming that this ship based X band radar could/can/may modify the weather, which is complete bullshit.  So I clicked the YouTube flag button, and clicked MISLEADING TEXT.  And lulz ensues….

Scroll through the comments and you’ll find some great lulz.  Now you know how it feels dutch, don’t abuse the copyright bullies at YouTube, and don’t mirror military contractors videos and claim bullshit that isn’t true, or even infer it.

dutchsinse mental breakdown

Good Times with Dutchsinse

Then he sends me a personal message on YouTube…

Dutchsinse naught messages

Hilarious… I do not work for any government, law enforcement, or military related industry. First I was Scott Stevens, now I work for Lockheed, get it together dutch. He thinks it’s about Lockheed, he doesn’t get it.

Of course you don’t have to take my word on all this: Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin explains HAARP

Published on April 30, 2012 – 22:20 UT – By TWS Staff Reporter – Edited by TWS Editor

( – has been receiving e-mail about the HAARP project up in Alaska, including “Haarp Rings” and we feel it is time to release statements on them in a scientific point of view. 
HAARP, otherwise known as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research program, is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Fair Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

There are many people who believe this project can; or has been, manipulating the weather on the planet. While extensive scientific studies on this have not been done, Senior Meteorologist Kevin Martin has prepared the following discussion;

“HAARP is a research project that could be capable of changing the world’s jet streams. The project has not had many case studies, however that does not mean that the project is not capable of such changes weather-wise.

HAARP heats up the ionosphere and as it does so it is possible to tamper with the wind flows in the upper atmosphere. Wind is the result of the change of temperature and HAARP does just that way above our heads.

The questions have been asked about HAARP Rings, which is something an amateur developed in his head. These rings do not mean HAARP is firing on certain areas. These rings can signal radar calibration, or upper level moisture in the area ahead of a storm system. This is the reason you cannot see the ring effect over the top of the radar site. The beam is hitting the upper level moisture far away, thus creating a ring look around it.

This HAARP ring theory was created to scam the people who are not knowledgeable to doppler radar science. Any professional scientist that is fluent with it would tell you it is normal to have these artifacts on radar. The radar “spikes” seen during sunrise and sunset are also just that, artifacts that can be explained.

This person is scamming, using other’s weather forecasts to trick people into believe what they are seeing is from HAARP and that he is the only one who can forecast the event, which is certainly not true.

HAARP has brought out a lot of attention from both scammers and people interested in the effects on the planet. One thing is for certain, it has some secrets that have not been disclosed and probably never will.

I am indeed part of a couple projects related to HAARP, one of them designed to measure frequencies in the upper atmosphere that cannot be otherwise explained. I will choose to keep them anon, but I have signed on to become part of their project within the last week. Haarp Status is a true project, Haarp Ring man who will not name … is a scammer.

People have to understand that not all clouds, tornadoes, hurricanes, rain storms, blizzards, high wind events, and heatwaves are created by HAARP. These events were there before the project and they’ll be there if the project is closed. There is no way to tell what events were ‘helped’ but the project … but that will be left for future stories.

If you are wondering if I think HAARP can manipulate the weather using the jet stream changes now or in the future then my answer is yes, it can … but we will never know how, when, or where these happen because weather happens all the time around the world, with or without HAARP.”

Want to really know how you change the weather with radio waves?  Just the facts:

Changing the weather with Radio Waves

Everything you could want to know about HAARP

then see the devices in Google Earth:

The RadDB – Global Tech and Atmospheric Viewer

and for those wondering….

Dutchsinse don't be mad

29 thoughts on “Dutchsinse, HAARP Rings, and Facepalms”

  1. please make a video on youtube documenting this- i for one have complained about dutchsinse cklaiming others works as his own- begging for donations- making up “facts” on the spot- censoring people- etc- if you made a video or even posted a video with links to this site i think it would help

  2. I love both of you guys. Does it really matter who gets the word out? I admit that Dutch should give you credit when deserved and he has done a terrible job at that. I would like to see you and Dutch get together and come up with a new joint effort webpage.
    Thank you for helping to open the eyes of people around the world to the things that our governments are doing to us and our planet. I have been telling people for years about CT’s, HAARP and many other things that are being developed and used. I unfortunately about a year ago became burned out on trying to open eyes but have returned again to help fight this battle again. I will promote you as much as I can. Keep up the great work and stop with the petty bickering (you too Dutch) as all it does is degrade your integrity.
    NAMASTE my friend,

  3. Glad to see that someone recognizes that those so-called “HAARP rings” are nothing more than NEXRAD return signals. What a freaking joke. Dude, your site has some serious and well-researched information. Keep up the good work. May I ask, what is the level and area of your formal technical training?

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  7. I think it is the use of foul language that prevents him from linking to your website and he doesn’t seem to want to tell anyone what to do, just to inform and warn. I can have my children interested and watching to Dutch but not here. Clean it up and unify to help bring people to act on this. Only The Devil divides and we have him mixed up in the government already lets not let him confuse and lead us too.
    In Christ

      • really just read ALL your posts on my facebook.. you do realize I have a full facebook list and don’t read messages that often..

        somehow you think I was “ignoring” you.. well. im ignoring about 500 OTHER people too in that little message box that never can seem to get emptied.

        you SHOULD read my reply below with an open clear head.. and realize I didn’t take your work or findings.. I HAD THEM UP A YEAR BEFORE YOU DID.. not that timing on a stanford document matters.. i mean, you’re not claiming we’ve ever spoken about these things are you?? because I don’t ever recall talking to you before today really except in the INITIAL chemtrail post from a few months ago. aside from that, you and I have never conversed from what I know.. do you use a different name perhaps???

        all in all .. this post going off on me is typical of what I’ve gone through over the last year.. .. actually its great to see it all in one spot… so I can show people all the blathering regarding “me’ and my opinions on things.. after all.. im just a youtube video maker with a few thousand subscribers… for me to get this kind of attention is very puzzling

  8. wow.. im honored at your lack of objectivity ! funny that you claim to be part of “anonymous” and threatened me before you did this.. here is your threat from facebook…

    Resonated Dawtcom
    13 hours ago
    Resonated Dawtcom

    talking to the CENSORED_by_R3 and CENSORED_by_R3 later today, you in or out?

    Resonated Dawtcom
    5 hours ago
    Resonated Dawtcom

    it’s on. I hold my hand out time and again, and you slap it away. It is on. I will take every opportunity from this point forward to ridicule you. I will be on three radio interviews next week, I will clown the fuck outta you each time, im making a new dutchsinse facepalm article, and fuck your stupid ass for accepting my apology, then renigging. I have been real nice up till now, even in posting my Facepalm doc I was still being nice. You should have called me, I really wanted to make things work between us. You want a competition, you ain’t seen nothing yet baby.

    I do not lose.

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    you got like five minutes before I start putting you on blast, I suggest you rethink your childishness

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    your loss, and it will be a big one

    Resonated Dawtcom
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    Resonated Dawtcom
    Enjoy, since you wanna be a dick about it.
    Just remember, HAARP is but one hobby for me, shame you are going to be hearing my name all the time and it will burn your ass each time.

    You should have called me, it would have been much less troublingl for you. Congratulations, you are on my shit list now.
    Dutchsinse, HAARP Rings, and Facepalms

    Resonated Dawtcom
    2 hours ago
    Resonated Dawtcom
    Enjoy the new improved version, since you wanna be a dick about it.
    Just remember, HAARP is but one hobby for me, shame you are going to be hearing my name all the time and it will burn your ass each time.

    You should have called me, it would have been much less troublingl for you. Congratulations, you are on my shit list now.
    Dutchsinse, HAARP Rings, and Facepalms

    Michael Janitch
    8 minutes ago
    Michael Janitch

    threats will get you nowhere except at the bottom of the karma tank..

    Ive been busy all night and haven’t checked until now.. and I’ll tell you what.. you’re showing true colors.. listen to your above diatribe with YOURSELF.. ive got family over for the weekend.. my dad died 2 weeks ago… you’re a being a total shithead and demanding to be heard when Im not even on here .. so I don’t know what to tell you… your OG article is crap.. and the fact you’re on my troll vids is even MORE crap..

    talk about you losing perspective.. im just a youtube video maker.. you’re in an ivory tower.. just see it will you?!

    Michael Janitch
    5 minutes ago
    Michael Janitch

    as for being on your shitlist.. what has changed from last week.. nothing except me calling you out as being a two faced backstabbing troll supporter… as for face palms.. I think youve way misjudged me .. and overstepped at trying to use my own words against me.. again.. you’ve lost perspective.. taking the time to break down a YEARS worth 1,100+ videos of mine to find mistakes misspeaks or early analysis when I was just learning the ropes on what is going on weather mod wise… your shit list will be worn like a badge of honor.

    • “! funny that you claim to be part of “anonymous””

      1. Anyone can claim to be Anonymous. I admire their fight for truth on many issues, therefore I akin to them.

      2, I don’t hack

      3. What you got against Anonymous?

  9. I must say you are one, ignorant, envious, jealous, disrespectful person. No matter what.
    Astounding the false pride and animosity. Go to your corner and cry like a baby. How immature can one get? People like you are called Sociopaths.

  10. Man all this 1% talk about snow pack mod… I like to go skiing im not a 1%… and are the businesses et all that work off the snow visitors all elitists?

    tons of thanks for the un-fear-varnished information here, but this was just a genuine question that came to mind, no negativity my friend.

    Take it easy, Chris

  11. trying to figure out why the group .. including DEBI who you mentioned… came up with THIS on… im still trying to verify.. but you could settle this easily.. either way will find out if it is accurate…

    IF IT IS ACCURATE… (again I don’t know this to be 100% yet).. well…. then its not good for a LOT of people at your end.

    How is Project Camelot involved (if at all ) specifically Scott Stevens with this website?

    heres the report I just made on facebook using the links given to me from the ‘ women of adepto ‘er perfectus ‘ group:


    WAIT A SECOND!!!! Is that scott stevens from PROJECT CAMELOT as the owner of Rezn8d???? WTH is going on here???? look !!!! its him !!! lets hope he is NOT the owner of … if he is.. im going to slam them 10 ways from sunday.. and today IS SUNDAY… EASTER SUNDAY no less.

    scott stevens project camelot – Google Search
    5 minutes ago · Like ·

    from “the group” — same group that turned up the mexico quake poster above.. which I DID give proper credit to Debi for btw !! here’s to G and D you know who you are ! don’t want to out anyone who gave up the information..
    about an hour ago · Like · 1
    Michael Janitch FYI, Reasonated Dawtcom is Scott Stevens , a retired hockey player
    Scott Stevens

  12. Territorial pissing…so XY.
    I could be wrong, but then I have been before, but the author of this website does NOT write or sound at all like Scott Stevens.
    Just an opinion, and I don’t really give a haarp ring if I am correct or not.

  13. Whoa. I’ve been on the web for a few years debunking bunk and trying to get people to research and think for themselves…..i.e. followers of Dutch and those of the same ilk. When you don’t know what you are talking about, like Dutch not knowing what a Nexrad can and cannot show, then use that ignorance to ignite fear, you need to be followed on the web. No kidding, Dutch is a fame whore, using and abusing “facts” to reel in people more ignorant then he, and should be debunked and exposed every time he gets on the web.
    (BTW, I would be debunking you on “chemtrails”, but got tired of the lack of meteorological science and paranoid delusion. Haven’t seen anything that can’t be explained by science,)

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  15. His whole post is false except one thing.. and that was my CLEARLY FLAWED analysis of the patent from a year ago … lol.. which I fully admitted .. well.. er.. a year ago.. or back in august.. either way.. long time ago.. this is the straw man yet again!



    Scott Stevens is an award winning television weatherman who, a decade ago, began investigating the claims of Lt. Col Tom Bearden that North America was being subjected to full time weather modification. During the course of that personal investigation he was the first to discover the primary reason for the now global chemtrail phenomena.

    Scott now co-hosts a weekly radio program, Amerika Now 8 pm-Midnight Saturdays, with the Genesis Communications Network and is a principle with Blue Water Alchemy working to bring about a shift of the human consciousness in concert with events surrounding 2012

    Past Shows==


    +Jim Lee ‎I wish I could trust and believe you Jim, but look how you were trying to set up S0, meanwhile you are on his video here licking his butt, clearly you are two faced.  If I don’t like someone I might still be kind, but I have no fear to express my dislike, no matter how big the channel.  We might not always agree, but some of the ones I feel have egos I appreciate their work, including s0, just sayin…. S0 you have a backstabber, watch your back.

    December‎ ‎7
    Jim Lee
    ‎5‎:‎31‎ ‎PM im updating the Google Earth kml link right now, I’ll send you the link when it is live‏

    5‎:‎32‎ ‎PM Im doing a “blogger of the month” and I want to do you for my first one, regarding the Haiyan video… but I need to talk to you before then‏

    5‎:‎33‎ ‎PM gonna help you and tat fuck with SO in the meantime‏watch for fireworks‏

    ‎December‎ ‎8
    ‎3‎:‎21‎ ‎AM Bad move. Logged and reported. Ive contacted st.louis metropolitain police. Do not respond or contact me again.‏

    ‎December‎ ‎10
    9‎:‎46‎ ‎PM call, no answer

    December‎ ‎13
    Jim Lee
    ‎7‎:‎24‎ ‎AM I had John call Jay because this is all a lie.  I never threatened you, I didnt make the October Reignz video, I have nothing to do with these hackers calling Montagraph and Jay pedophiles, and I have contacted a lawyer.‏

    You didnt call the cops, I called your PD‏

    ‎7‎:‎25‎ ‎AM I am calling the FBI today, as my lawyer has advised me‏

    I asked John to talk to you and Jay and end this, Jay doesnt want to, and you arent going to tell the truth about all of this‏

    ‎7‎:‎26‎ ‎AM I also talked to Adrian about what you did to E3‏

    I may involve them in my lawsuit, and at the very least, Jay will have to deal with the FBI‏

    ‎7‎:‎27‎ ‎AM You are attempting to slander me and my business, which is causing me mental anquish and monetary loss.  This is actionable, you know what I am talking about.‏

    ‎7‎:‎28‎ ‎AM I’ve posted nothing about you guys online, and I’ve called YouTube to pull the IP’s of the October Reignz video, and all the guys involved in this‏

    I’ve screenshotted every lie you told‏

    ‎7‎:‎29‎ ‎AM when im done with the lawsuit, im making a documentary and telling everyone what you did‏

    ‎7‎:‎30‎ ‎AM unless Jay pulls his head out his ass, apologizes for what he did to me, and you tell the truth, you will be in court.  This is not a threat, this is a request for you to remove the rest of your postings regarding me on your twitter, g+, and anywhere else, AND if Jay continues to do this, which you are sharing/promoting, you are just as culpable.‏

    ‎7‎:‎31‎ ‎AM I thought when you apologized you might actually see the light, but you are pretending to be a martyr, like youre in danger, and lying to everyone‏

    ‎7‎:‎32‎ ‎AM I dont know why youre bent on hurting me, but you wont hurt my company.  Climate Viewer News is a dream, and you’re a fucking nightmare‏

    ‎8‎:‎08‎ ‎AM  I have until tomorrow to file, consider being reasonable for a change‏

    ‎8‎:‎41‎ ‎AM 11 months ago:tatoott1009, Montagraph, melvin8865, and UKTROLL, Sick and disturbed Internet stalkers, BEWARE!

    they are claiming Montagraph is a pedophile:

    ‎8‎:‎42‎ ‎AM get as far as you can away from this dude‏

    ‎8‎:‎43‎ ‎AM fuck me, dont even talk to me, just get away from Tat before these guys target you next, I would remove anything pointing to Montagraph, he is the source of the anger Jay is getting‏