Just Talking About The BS JIM LEE bitchin to everyone he knows FOR RATINGS FOR HIS WEB PAGE








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Just Talking About The BS JIM LEE bitchin to everyone he knows


I’m Gonna To Make It REIGNZ Parody )


Untitled80I’m being blackmailed.

Told that unless I join Jim Lee at climateviewer, they would smear me.

Yesterday, 1235pm ct, I received ANOTHER round of txt messages on my cellphone from jim, telling me I have one last chance to join him.

I didnt respond. His reaction … hes now saying I lead a network of gangstalkers. Hes putting this out as ‘truth’…. saying I stalked propheticseer??? Wtf?

He is sick, and greedy (imo). Trying to get name cred for his site, trying to FORCE me to join him. The people pushing this stuff with him, sheila and radchick, maybe they dont know they are getting played.

As of yesterday, jim offering me a place on climateviewer.

Video showing his offer YESTERDAY to join him, coming soon.


jim lee bitchin to everyone he knows on the internet



SeH and I are getting closer to releasing our new activist powered, troll-free social media. Coming this year to http://climateviewer.com/
Photo: SeH and I are getting closer to releasing our new activist powered, troll-free social media. Coming this year to http://climateviewer.com/
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  • Sheila Aliens 1. Block & Broom (out of sight out of mind) 2. Reverse-stalking…. the only two viable options for handling trolls on the internet. 1 and 2 can be combined, but always administer 1 by default
  • Jim Lee we can flag multiple accts/IP easily
  • Sheila Aliens get em!! hehe. play dirty
  • Sheila Aliens that group tried stalkin/harassing me a couple years ago. Melvin8865 and that weird group of people including DONOTSUBMEASSHOLE and their “T-CELL GONDII” network. I just said ok, go ahead. “drop docs” on me. I was a 24 year old female living alone hunting UFOs and i coulld not have given less of a fuck if they knew where I lived and told the whole world. I guess they lost interest cause I wasn’t scared
  • Jim Lee more than likely same assholes, Melvin8865 is AnonViper is October Reignz
  • Sheila Aliens they got nothin but too much time on their hands and minimal hacking/researching skills. nothin more. a more sinister theory would be that they are paid to harass, I can’t quite fathom what else they get out of for so much time spent doing it
  • Sheila Aliens “I reported the user melvin8865 for trying to extort my family out of money. he left comments like “give me 500$ per child or i realease their social security numbers, address, and photo’s.” well he did release their address, their photo’s and i diSee More
  • Sheila Aliens dont tell me you let them extort you
  • Thee MediaShaman obviously these idiots trolling you are ridden by collectiv unconciousness … aka Mr. Smith (from the film Matix). They even use him as Prfile Picture and Aliasname …unawarely fighting as the old paradigm on what may be and may not! Lets rather ask what we- as a global community – want to allow ourselfes to experience in the future. Head(s) Up!
    Jim Lee shared a link.
    That’s enough evidence for the class. Tomorrow I will drop another update. When the timeline, the pearltree, and the VIDEO are done, I will post all of it to a single article on ———-and I will be leaving all social media, PERMANENTLY.I was burned by two people I considered friends, Dutchsinse and Tatoott1009. They helped my gang-stalkers, gave them details on my family, remained silent while I negotiated with my aggressor, and condone all the actions of their October Reignz Crew.I will no longer put myself out there like I have in the past.
    I will no longer share my daily musings on social media, or answer all the messages.If you want to find me after this is all done, call me, I’m a real person who cares deeply about the activism we are doing on
    http://climateviewer.com/I am not like these people, I never have been, and never will be. And in the near future (when this documentary is done) I will be in a position to never be manipulated like this again.Thank you all for your patience. I know all of this is troubling your souls. The truth will set you free.~ Jim Lee
If you’re wondering who’s flagging down channels on YouTube and harassing activists, I know you’re going to love my latest research project: EXPOSING GANG-STALKING ON YOUTUBE, starring Tatoott1009, Dutchsinse, Agent Smith, Chrissy Sumer, Melvin8865 and so much more!This map is about 40% complete, when I’m done there will be a complementary timeline and a video explaining it all, followed by something amazing. If you have any questions, don’t ask until I am done, just know that all the hate in our community comes from five individuals who stalked and threatened my family from December 12th until present. Since they will not leave me alone, and I only see escalation despite my nonaction, I am forced to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth shortly.I have audio of all participants admitting to ownership of these accounts, to uploading the videos threatening my family, and I have a two-hour recording of Jay Lee extorting me on Montagraph and Agent Smith’s behalf.All will be made public in due time, I must sort through all the evidence so we can save our “truth movement” from monetized YouTube gang-stalkers. Stay vigilant, this is the calm before the storm.Click on icons and they will expand, hover over icons and press the PLUS symbol and they will also expand. Their troll bot army is huge.http://www.pearltrees.com/#/N-p=103686278&N-fa=6533085&N-f=1_10628982&N-s=1_10652108&N-u=1_877709
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