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recent Arctic ice area recent Arctic sea ice N. hemispheric ice area Northern Hemisphere sea ice area N. hemispheric anomaly Polar sea ice anomaly interactive chartarctic sea ice data
tale of the tape
Atlantic sea ice
30-day animation
Arctic sea ice
30-day animation
Russian sea ice
30-day animation
Pacific sea ice
30-day animation
Canada Alaska sea ice
30-day animation


Latest regional sea ice coverage and anomalies


Bering Sea Chukchi sea East Siberian Sea Laptev Sea Kara Sea Barents Sea Greenland Sea Baffin/Newfoundland Seas St. Lawrence Hudson bay Beaufort Sea Arctic Basin Sea of Okhotsk Canadian Archipelago Hudson Bay



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Arctic Basin Laptev Sea
Bering Sea East Siberian Sea
St. Lawrence Chukchi Sea
Baffin/Newfoundland Bay Beaufort Sea
Greenland Sea Canadian Archipelago
Barents Sea Hudson Bay
Kara Sea Sea of Okhotsk



recent SH ice area recent Antarctic sea ice S. hemisphere ice area Southern Hemisphere sea ice area S. hemisphere ice anomaly South Polar sea ice anomaly interactive chartantarctic sea ice data

Southern Hemisphere

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Antarctic sea ice

30-day animation

South Polar sea ice
30-day animation

30-day animation

30-day animation

30-day animation
Global sea ice area global sea ice
Snow and ice data provided by the National Center for Environmental Prediction/NOAA, NSIDC, U. Bremen
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Older products:

The 40Mb animation at the left shows the 2007 dramatic loss of multiyear sea ice throughout the year. Multiyear sea ice is older and generally thicker ice – sea ice that has survived at least one melt season (shown in brighter white).
Timeseries of annual and seasonal sea ice extent from 1901-2010.
Compare side-by-side images of Northern Hemisphere sea ice extent for any two dates in the satellite record (1979-present).
View the updated high resolution animation of the 2007 sea ice retreat (01/01/2007 – 09/23/2007). WARNING – This quicktime animation is very large at 200Mb, but it illustrates nicely the temporal evolution of the 2007 sea ice. Animation: 2007 sea ice minimum animation
Additional years: 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Peruse an archive of map displays of the atmospheric and radiative climatic conditions leading up to the record setting Northern Hemisphere sea ice minimum of 2007: sea ice autopsy