2/10/2014 — NEW Polar Vortex coming, Southern Snow, Overall Global Cooling


The “polar vortex” which has been dominating the scene (in North America) is beginning to press Eastward across Greenland, bringing major winter weather to Northern Europe.

As this is happening, we are seeing a NEW large “polar vortex” form just Southwest of Alaska.  This new dominating flow will press Southeast towards North America.

The next “vortex”… just like the previous Canadian event over the past several weeks.. consists of multiple large low pressure systems, combined around a massive Polar rotation, will continue to reach further South into the United States.

new polar vortex feb 10 2014

This continued reach Southward will again be bringing freezing cold temperatures to the Southern states (New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and possibly even Florida ).

The cold temps also bring the threat of snow / ice / sleet to these same areas .

As these low pressure systems rotate counter clockwise, they are taking gulps of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, and also literally shearing off the tops of systems at the equator.   These influxes of tropical moisture dragged up from the South, are mixing with the unusual cold temperatures in these states, causing repeat snow / ice events in places only used to possibly seeing one event every few years.


See tatoott1009’s video exposing the actual icepack at the poles:


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