The Loretta Fuddy Assassination, New Video Footage Reveals Foul Play, See It For Yourself ! WOW REALLY?

This video from videographer, Butterdezillion, raises some good questions in the Loretta Fuddy case.

One question is why are their 10 people in the water before help arrives, when there were only 9 people on the plane.


Then, the mainstream media reports on the plane crash as 1 person deceased, before the the rescue team even arrived on the scene? How could there have been any information on number of casualties before help arrived on the scene? This reminds me of the BBC reporting on tower number 3 falling 20 minutes before it fell on 911.

One of the victims in the plane crash took personal video after the crash while floating in the water. In the video clips we are allowed to see, there are 10 people in the water and a unidentified object in the water that appears to be a diver. But it’s hard to be sure.

This video certainly raises even more questions. It appears from the news reports that were generated before the rescue team arrives, that there is fowl play involved in Loretta Fuddy’s death.

A closer look at what is on the Puentes video of the Dec 11, 2013 Cessna crash off Kalaupapa, HI. What do you see?

This video copy of the actual GoPro camera footage taken during the post crash and rescue periods shows what looks like a couple of scuba divers or some other unidentified persons or things in the water. They weren’t supposed to be there according to this report.

Maybe there is a rational explanation for what this is. It’s also possible that during the delayed response time some nefarious person did a little swimming. The creator of the video points out a couple of other curiosities, and there seems to be some interesting discrepancies, not the least of which being the recovery of more people than were on the flight to begin with.

There are also timing discrepancies which she points out between rescue efforts and the public reporting of information.

The video evidence is most compelling, very interesting and hard to simply “explain away.”


These are uploads of the images in the Youtube posted at       .


ABC refused permission for me to post the unedited Bandicam recordings which would simply have archived what was available on Feb 9th. The only time these files were saved on was on Feb 21 – the day after ABC pixelated them.


To see ABC’s pixelated versions see:


the GMA mp4 at 


and the “Nightline” mp4 at 


The two questions I ask:


Question A


narration doof


Image #1


Image #2


Image #3


Image #4


Image #5


Image #6


Image #7


newfud92i cropped                                                                                                       Image #8


newfud92j                                                                                               Image #9


Image #10


Image #11


Image #12


Image #13


Image #14


Image #15


Image #16


Image #17




Image #19




UPDATE: Somebody in a position of power at Free Republic apparently doesn’t want me to be able to post. Here’s a screenshot. OK I guess it needs to be a photo:




Yaelle, here’s the image I was saying I would post, in the comment that the moderator is deciding whether it should be posted. Seems to me that this is Yamamoto, in dark gray shirt, dark short pants/swim trunks, and bare feet:


yamamoto in cage maybe brightened




Correction to what I had previously said at FR: Fuddy’s shoes were black with white soles. I apologize for the error. Still doesn’t give us yellow:


Fuddy shoes

Somebody in a position of power at Free Republic also doesn’t want me to communicate with my ping list, or anybody else. Here’s a screenshot of when I tried to compose a Freepmail to my ping list to let them know my comments are being moderated.


UPDATE: I’ve added close-ups and annotation to help unpack these images. AARGH. This format gives hardly any room. You’ll have to right-click to see the images enlarged. If you believe that the black/yellow protrusion from the water is Loretta Fuddy’s shoe, ask yourself on #25 and #26 how she would have to be positioned to have the bottom or her sole at that angle. Then try making that angle with your body. lol

These ones are the frames that came right after the photos I posted at   Image #16 was at 16:39:20 in my 1/8th speed recording of “Good Morning America” (this will be off from yours if you put the GMA pixelated video into Windows Movie Maker and slow it to 1/8th speed because we skipped part of the ABC announcer at the beginning.) Images #17 and #18 were close-ups, and #19 is the summary of the passengers according to media reports. Yamamoto should be corrected to say dark SHORTS (not pants) and bare feet; Fuddy should be corrected to say black shoes with white soles.

So these are the images that come next, and can help everyone double-check their theories on the answers to my 2 questions.There’s new stuff here.

These are screenshots of every frame, which will also tell you a little bit about what ABC and/or Puentes did with the unedited video.  Keep in mind that the editors at ABC were able to see what was on these frames before they put their logo where it is.

The name of the image file for each photo tells you at what timestamp it was taken.

I’ll insert Image #16 from before, so you can remember where we left off:

Image #16

Image 21

16-39-33 ANNOTATED

Image #22

Image 23

16-40-03 more cropped brightened ANNOTATED

Image #24

16-40-13 ANNOTATED

Image #25

16-40-73 ANNOTATED

Image #26

16-41-17 ANNOTATED

Image #27

16-41-43 left side ANNOTATED

16-41-43 right half ANNOTATED

Image #28

16-42-13 ANNOTATED

Image #29

16-43-37 cropped brightened

16-43-37 ANNOTATED