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This is the official website of Neo The United Kingdom of God Sky Earth © 
United Nations – God Sky Earth
Neo The United Kingdom of God Sky Earth, stands on the contributions of many brave and dedicated men and women that have worked tirelessly across the planet to bring forward this global initiative. One that has its sights set on the ultimate goal, the complete freedom of humanity.This website is designed to better help you understand the history of events leading up to this monumental point in time.  Our main objective is to offer a transparent platform of information to help you understand the various parties and resources that are going into one of the most ambitious projects in known history.Due to an amazing sequence of events, initiated and powered by some of the most dynamic, freedom-seeking people on the planet, we stand at a crossroads, where we have the unique opportunity to permanently lift humanity out of misery and poverty, as we watch the old, unfair systems crumble around us in every direction.

Neo The United Kingdom Of God Sky Earth Creation  has been organized by the 681st King in an unbroken line of Indonesia servant-kings called, “King of Kings,” Mr. Sino A. S., and the SWISSINDO World Orbit Trust. This is the first Creator Value Asset Center (CVAC) or Bridge and it will function in the energetic capacity to initiate and implement CVAC systems across the globe. Operating in all areas of growth and development necessary for the transformation of society and our world.  Each CVAC System will guide us towards a new paradigm of unlimited potential and true free global governance guided by the three fundamental principles of Universal Common Law.

After the foreclosure of the entire commercial and legal system by the Trustees of the One People’s Public Trust (OPPT), a unique opportunity was created for all people to claim their freedom and their inheritance, which has been held in trust.

It is by Divine Authority of the Creator that all People are endowed with certain unalienable, natural Rights and Liberties; which no authority, man-made law, government or religion can rightfully diminish or abolish.  Any power that attempts to do so is tyrannical and illegitimate, even if it operates according to its own laws – for such tyranny is a denial of the Natural Laws of Creation.


This unique opportunity was recognized by Mr. Sino A. S., who pledged one of the Global Collateral Accounts to the One People.

This initiative aims for nothing less than the total empowerment and individual sovereignty of all the people worldwide.  How do we intend to do that?  By eradicating all forms of war, slavery, poverty and by providing the means for each man, woman and child to live up to their full unlimited potential. Additionally substantial funding is being provided for the redevelopment and modernization of our global infrastructure and the re-purposing of the public sector employees to faithfully serve the One People.

Please take time to look through this site, and share in the vision, and follow us as this initiative unfolds.  You are literally witnessing the most exciting thing to happen in the history of Mankind!