Cop : Shooting An Unarmed 70 Yr Old Man That Was Reaching For His Cane


On 7:30 Tues night Feb 25, 2014 Deputy Terrence Knox pulled over 70 yr old Bobby Canipe and his passenger Carolyn McEntire who were on their way back from a car race in Florida for an expired tag on the license plate of his Ford F -150 truck. What looked like a routine traffic stop turned into a nightmare for both Bobby Canipe and Deputy Knox. The Dashcam footage shows Mr Canipe getting out of his truck and reaching for something in the bed of his pickup truck which officer knocks stated looked like a long rifle, but actually turned out to be Mr Canipe’s walking cane. Because officer Knox had wrongly mistaken Mr. Canipe’s cane for a rifle, Officer Knox felt in fear of his life, and fired several shots with only one hitting Mr. Canipe in an undisclosed location. After realizing he just shot an unarmed man, officer Knox did rush to Mr. Canipe’s aid.


As you know I am usually very critical of corrupt police, but after watching this video footage, I can honestly say I truly feel bad for this Deputy that thought his life was in danger because he thought Mr. Canipe was reaching for a rifle so he fired several shots and hit Mr Canipe with one shot. in this case, I believe the officer acted on his instinct to protect himself from what he perceived to be a life threatening situation.

Please Watch Dashcam video below: