ALERT FALSE FLAG COMING ? { NWO } World leaders Nuclear Security Summit



World leaders at the Nuclear Security Summit held March 24th – 25th in the Netherlands, wore peculiar illuminati pyramid shaped lapel pins while gathering around a giant eye with a floating holographic pyramid suspended above.

Although most of those attending the Nuclear Summit displayed these pyramid shaped lapel pins, Barack Obama did not.

Those attending the summit claim that the pyramid is a sign of unity on nuclear security. But does it really represent that? Or is it is a representation of the Illuminati occult power?

Those who study secret societies know that they pyramid represents the evil organization of the Illuminati and some of their darkest secrets. When it is displayed in public form, such as at the Nuclear Summit, it isn’t by accident, but planned by the top ranks of the elite.


Video by AgendaNWO…

  What makes this ever more interesting is the fact that at this summit, Barack Obama, Chinese President Xi Jinping and most of the rest of the world leaders played a “nuclear war game”

World leaders including President Obama, U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and Chinese President Xi Jinping played a “nuclear war game” designed to test how they would respond to a global terrorist attack at a high-level meeting, the Telegraph reported Tuesday.

The leaders also included German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who according to the Telegraph was unhappy and did not want to play the game.

The game took place at the nuclear summit at The Hague and included dozens of other heads of state.

It required leaders to respond to the scenario of a terrorist attack with a “dirty bomb” in a big Western city. Leaders had to answer a series of questions on how they would respond to the attack as the game progressed and new challenges arose.

  Let’s hope that game does not foreshadow any real events.

Of course the cover story for this unique lapel pin, is that the world leaders are wearing it to support “nuclear security”, similar to wearing a ribbon in support of breast cancer. And perhaps that’s all it is, but if this is the case I beg to question why Barack Obama isn’t wearing one and does that mean he is against “nuclear security”? After all he has been speaking out lately about his fear of a nuke in Manhattan, is this their next false flag?


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