Cliven Bundy's family, supporters file complaints against BLM with sheriff


The family of Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters on Friday flooded Las Vegas Metropolitan Police headquarters, filing complaints against the Bureau of Land Management.

More than two dozen Bundy supporters said they felt threatened by the agency during its cattle roundup last month.


The allegations include impersonating police officers, blocking public roads and threatening to use stun guns on unarmed citizens.

“We fervently hope and pray these heavy-handed tactics won’t be used on us or other Americans ever again,” said Cliven Bundy’s son, Ammon Bundy.

Video released last month shows Bureau of Land Management rangers squaring off with protestors, armed with stun guns, K9s at their side.

“There [were] arms pointed at us, Tasers pointed at us, sniper rifles,” Cliven Bundy supporter Brand Thornton said.

“We sat underneath the rifle scopes. If that’s not assault, I don’t know what is,” said Cliven Bundy’s son, Ryan Bundy.

The Bundy family said that because they believe Metro is the only agency that can enforce the law in Bunkerville, Bureau of Land Management rangers are guilty of impersonating police officers.

Cliven Bundy’s supporters claim Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie failed them by not stepping in before the situation escalated.


“He should go after each individual in the BLM or Park Service and prosecute them criminally for their actions,” Ryan Bundy said.

According to a complaint model used by Bundy’s supporters, “The City of Mesquite and some of their local businesses were harboring the enemy and allowing the storage of their armaments, even escorting them through traffic.”

It goes on to say, “There was a man who assaulted an elderly woman by attacking her from behind and she was physically hip-chucked into the gravel.”

Missing from the commotion on Friday was Cliven Bundy himself. His family said he was heavily protected by armed militia during the most heated part of the standoff and doesn’t have personal complaints to file.

In a statement, Metro police said it is not their practice to take crime reports on law enforcement agencies conducting law enforcement functions. However, the department said it took voluntary statements from 22 citizens which will be reviewed by its Investigative Services Division.

Metro said it will determine a course of action following that review and after conferring with the office of the Clark County District Attorney and the office of the United States Attorney.

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