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Bridge to Independence (S. Cupp) It’s another crossing for this writer: Congress, the President, and all the agencies of the federal government work for the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES, whose jurisdiction encompasses solely the ten square mile area known as the District of Columbia. The stunning deception was to have hoodwinked the public for 139 years into believing that the jurisdiction of THE UNITED STATES, INC., extends outside the District of Columbia. This inquiry began with an excellent opinion piece posted by Helen at the T-Room, inquiring in much the same way I did…

In 1801, the Sixth Congress, 2nd Session, Chapter 15, An Act Concerning the District of Columbia (a) also known as The Act of 1801, was passed accepting land ceded by the state of Maryland and the Commonwealth of Virginia to permanently form the seat of the government for the United States. Yet, in 1871, the Forty-First Congress, Session III, Chapter 62, passed “The Act of 1871 forming a corporation [in the District of Columbia] called THE UNITED STATES. The corporation, OWNED by foreign interests, moved in and shoved the original Constitution into a dustbin.“ Do yourself the favor and read both Acts and then read the highlighted link telling us the Act of 1871 appears to have changed everything our Founding Fathers fought for.

This is what people are talking about when they refer to the ‘organic’ constitution and the current, corporate constitution…the two Constitutions. In a riveting article in Illuminati News, Lisa Guliani,

The Act of 1871 was passed at a vulnerable time in America. Our nation was essentially bankrupt — weakened and financially depleted in the aftermath of the Civil War. The Civil War itself was nothing more than a calculated “front” for some pretty fancy footwork by corporate backroom players. It was a strategic maneuver by European interests (the international bankers) who were intent upon gaining a stranglehold on the neck (and the coffers) of America.

Pieces of the Puzzle Several writers have expressed a theory that the Civil War was actually a result of the economic maneuvering discussed above, disguised as a war between the states and over slavery. Also, that this warfare has been going on against the United States since the beginning. So the emergence of the Corporation idea for the UNITED STATES can’t have just started with the Act of 1871…there were necessary prerequisites.

  • The hostility of the British empire to its former Colonies was never truly extinguished after the Revolutionary War, as the moneyed, centralized thinking forms constant pressure on American leaders to form centralized banking systems. Alexander Hamilton was one of the earliest proponents of a strong central banking system.
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  • The War of 1812. Although the British had formally recognized American independence with the Treaty of Paris in 1783, President James Madison asked Congress to declare war on the British in 1812. In 1803 Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory from France and the Americans wanted to expand westward and open international trade with Europe, particularly the French. The British saw this as a threat to Canada, its remaining north American colony, and its economic interests on the high seas over which it was fighting with France. The war would last three years and end in a stalemate, but the British Empire retained Canada.
  • The Disappearance of the Original 13th Amendment. The text of the original 13th Amendment regarded ‘Titles of Nobility and Honor’. “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.” “Esquire” was a title of nobility.

The impact of the original 13th Amendment on the politicians of the time would have been eviscerating:

Because, in those days, “Esquire” was a title of honor granted by the British Bar under the sovereign authority of his majesty. How many politicians today would support a bill that would not only throw them out of office, but also strip them of their citizenship? Does the number zero come to mind? How many people serving in the general government at that time, held the title of Esquire? The list is fairly long. Not only did these people not want to lose their jobs and citizenship, but they also knew that it would cripple the central government for many months, if not years due to all the new election processes and legal challenges that would take place. This would of course cost a lot of money as well. Money the central government did not want to spend. The impact of this new law could have impaired their dealings with other European governments as well. Just when we were looking to secure loans for building up our American infrastructure.

Virginia was the last state to ratify the 13th Amendment in 1819. It disappeared in all copies of the Constitution after about 1835, and reappeared again in 1865 as an amendment abolishing slavery.

  • Lincoln’s conscription act…martial law which has never been repealed
  • 14th Amendment 1866. This was before the birth of the UNITED STATES…
  • Act of 1871. The ‘birth of’ USA INC.

Then look what happened after that:

  • Federal Reserve Act 1913
  • 16th Amendment, not ratified but declared illegally so.

All during this time, the rise of the liberal, progressive, and socialist ideology was advancing in the United States and world-wide. This was used to expand the role of government ‘for our own good’, eventually leading to the first western fascist regime of Woodrow Wilson. And all this time, we’ve believed that the UNITED STATES INC, a corporation with jurisdiction over ten square miles of land, has jurisdiction over the entire country. So are we corporate citizens? Or are we sovereign citizens of our own states? If the UNITED STATES INC is a corporation, who are its shareholders? Who are its employees? The Good News :shock: After picking myself up off the floor with yet another betrayal, the first being Invisible Empire, this Patriot keeps going. Let’s look at the opportunities with this knowledge, combined with what we already know.

  • First, the government which was created for the District of Columbia via the Act of 1871 operates under Private International Law, and not Common Law, which was the law of the Constitutional Republic. Recognize that private international law is only applicable within the District of Columbia and NOT in the other states of the Union. This has very broad application to individual rights–and jury trials, as well as natural resources management and development.
  • Legal avenues. If we are the shareholders in this corporation, which has clearly bankrupted itself and us in the process, then we must have the right, under corporate law, even international law, to fire them all, never mind elections. If we are not shareholders and are instead sovereign citizens of our own states, are we obligated to follow any of the laws created by this corporation, nor the body of international law that it follows, outside of the 10 square mile area it has jurisdiction over; nor any of the international ‘treaties’ it purports to sign on our behalf? As sovereign citizens of our states, can we file suit against this corporation, which has illegally usurped the organic Constitution of the United States?
  • Starve and Ignore the Corporation. Think of all the ways this could be done, and how effective it could be if even 5% of the population woke up to the sham! That’s 16 million people; 2 million of us were in DC last September. What would happen if they threw a law and NO ONE complied? Let’s see, that’s 16,000 IRS agents with new shotguns versus 290 million armed American citizens. Alrighty then.

This understanding is further evidence why Congress and Obama just don’t care. There has to be this continuous ‘republican v democrat’ thing going on, primarily to distract away from the fact that they are corporate actors on a stage…with our lives. This is the true corporate rape of America, not ‘capitalism’. That is the distraction, and many more false flag operations will be necessary to keep this deception going on. I’m just going to say “NO“. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Columnist Says Barack Obama ‘Lied To The American People;’ Asks Publisher to Withdraw Obama’s Book Press release – Yahoo news ^ | Tuesday August 10, 9:22 pm ET Posted on Wednesday, August 11, 2004 5:14:13 PM by Gelato

Columnist Says Barack Obama ‘Lied To The American People;’ Asks Publisher to Withdraw Obama’s Book

Tuesday August 10, 9:22 pm ET NEW YORK, Aug. 10 /PRNewswire/ —’s independent contrarian columnist, Andy Martin, will publish a column and hold simultaneous news conferences in New York and London on Wednesday, August 11th to disclose he believes Barack Obama is a political fraud who “lied to the American people.” Martin has asked Crown Books to stop sales of Obama’s book because of its fraudulent content. Martin says Obama may be a threat to the Jewish community.

NEWS CONFERENCE DETAILS: New York: Time/date: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 11:00 A.M. Location: Northeast Corner of Fifth Avenue and 65th Street (Temple Emanu-El) London: Time/date: Wednesday, August 11, 2004 4:00 P.M. Location: 2 Dryden Mansions, Queens Club Gardens London W14

“I feel sad having to expose Barack Obama,” says Martin, “but the man is a complete fraud. The truth is going to surprise, and disappoint, and outrage many people who were drawn to him. He has lied to the American people, and he has sought to misrepresent his own heritage. “Obama’s life story is vastly different from the one he portrays. My point: if he will lie about his mother and father, what else is he lying about? Can we expect ‘bimbo eruptions?’ “Fiction: Obama stated in his Convention speech: ‘My father … grew up herding goats.’ The ‘goat herder’ claim has been repeated endlessly. It is a lie. Fact: Obama’s grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama was a prominent and wealthy farmer. His son, Obama’s father, was a child of privilege, not privation. He was an outstanding student, not a herdsman. “Fiction: Obama was given an ‘African’ name. Fact: Obama is a Muslim who has concealed his religion. I am a strong supporter of the Muslim community, and I believe Muslims have been scapegoated. Obama has a great opportunity to be forthright. Instead, he has treated his Muslim heritage as a dark secret. His grandfather was named ‘Hussein.’ That is an Arabic-Muslim, not African, name. Hussein was a devout Muslim and named his son, Barack Senior, ‘Baraka.’ Baraka is an Arabic word meaning ‘blessed.’ Baraka comes out of the Koran and Arabic, not Africa. “Barack Senior was also a devoted Muslim, and also chose a Muslim name for his son, our own Barack Obama, Junior. Again, his name was an Arabic and Koranic. Obama has spent a lifetime running from his family heritage and religious heritage. Would his father have given his son a Koranic name if the father was not a devout Muslim? Obama’s stepfather was also a Muslim. Obama will be the first Muslim-heritage senator; he should be proud of that fact. There is nothing to be ashamed of in any of the three great Abrahamic religions. “Fiction: Obama Senior was a harmless student ‘immigrant’ who came to the United States only to study. Fact: Obama was part of one of the most corrupt and violent organizations in Africa: the Kenyatta regime. Obama’s father ran back to Kenya soon after the British left. It is likely Obama’s father had Mau Mau sympathies or connections, or he would not have been welcomed into the murderous inner circle of rapists, murderers, and arsonists. I believe Obama’s secret shame at his family history of rape, murder and arson is what actualizes him. Our research is not yet complete. We are seeking to examine British colonial records. Our investigation to date has drawn on information on three continents. “And what about Obama’s beloved Kenyan brothers and sisters? None of his family was invited to Boston to share his prominence. Are his relatives being kept in the closet? Where are they? More secrecy, more prevarication. “It is time for Barack Obama to stop presenting a fantasy to the American people. We are forgiving and many would still support him. It may well be that his concealment is meant to endanger Israel. His Muslim religion would obviously raise serious questions in many Jewish circles where Obama now enjoys support,” Martin states. “Our investigation is continuing. In he meantime, Crown Books should stop selling Obama’s novelization of his life. We have asked Crown to do that. Obama is living a lie.” RESOURCES: Martin’s columns at (Govt & Politics); E-mail: Source: Andy Martin Worldwide Communications