On schedule, moderate movement returns to Yellowstone…

See my newest earthquake watch zone graphic posted last night… same area at Yellowstone marked last night just got hit now with the moderate movement expected.

Indeed you can “forecast” an earthquake, based upon movement elsewhere…




Past 48 hours of earthquakes 3.0M+ in the United States… and 5.0M internationally.

New watch zones for the next 7-10 days issued now.

West Coast showing movement, and moderate swarm activity in Oklahoma… areas marked for the new near term watch.

Be on watch near Salton Sea, and Vancouver Island… next few days or so… things heating up 5.0M+ wise in the West Pacific… compensation in the East will be coming.

I’d expect the Yellowstone area to begin showing movement very shortly … which usually is then followed by movement at the fracking operations in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Don’t rule out the rogue 4.0M+ event along the edge of the craton… Texas .. Oklahoma… Arkansas has been silent. hmm…

The landslides, and collapses… Washington State, Jackson Wyoming, and Collbran Colorado… all showing the signs of movement (along with Yellowstone being verified to have moved 4 inches UPWARDS and 1.5inches Southeast) as the craton edge is being displaced.

Internationally… I’d have my eye on Vanuatu to Papua New Guinea… and Tokyo Japan … possibly INLAND .. will have to watch , wait and see on the actual location in Japan.. could be just offshore of the Tokyo area, but I’m more leaning towards a land earthquake as opposed to one out to sea.


Also, notice the cluster of 5.0M+ events on the far Western edge of the Pacific.. Philippines, and Indonesia, swarming with 5’s , Vietnam at the center .. which had the 7.0M earthquake a few weeks ago… thus making the 5.0M swarm around the region a “settling out” happening beneath the plate in the shallower portions of the Asthenosphere.

Now we need to watch for ADJACENT areas to move, thus Japan to the North, and Vanuatu to the East NEED TO BE READY… since the 5.9M in China yesterday is most likely the termination point for the pressure in Asia… the pressure transfer MUST be coming back North along the Pacific Plate edge (extending north into Japan and Kamchatka Russia)… also pressure must be transferring adjacently EAST towards Vanuatu / Papua New Guinea.

I would expect larger movement rather than a swarm of 5.0M+ in Japan.. most likely one larger event, followed by aftershocks. Most likely won’t be any warning on this “pressure transfer quake”… unlike normal movement with swarm activity beforehand, we see the pressure build in an adjacent area SPILL OVER to a silent area, producing a large earthquake (usually at a shallow depth of less than 10km).

We had a slight rest over the past week… don’t let your guard down. Each previous silent rest was followed by a series of large earthquakes.



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