Map Of Largest Company In Each State , are you shocked about who is the largest company by revenue in your state

Broadview Networks, usingย Hooverโ€™s, a D&B Company, was able to search through each stateโ€™s list of companies to find the largest. Hooverโ€™s database includes the most up to data financial information, showing revenue figures from the most recent fiscal year. To make it more visually appealing, they decided to create a map with each state as the companyโ€™s logo. Take a look and letย Broadview Networksย know what you think, are you shocked about who is the largest company by revenue in yourย state?

They used Hooverโ€™s company database as our source, not the most recent Fortune 500 list. Location and state are based on the corporate headquarters of that company, no branches or foreign offices. They decided not to include any subsidiaries or government entities for the sake of staying consistent.

State by State Breakdown:

Alabamaย โ€“ Regions Bank

Location โ€“ Birmingham, AL

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $5.89


Alaska โ€“ Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation

Location โ€“ Juneau, AK

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $4.44



Arizona โ€“ Avnet, Inc.

Location โ€“ Phoenix, AZ

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $25.45


Arkansas โ€“ Wal-Mart Stores

Location โ€“ Bentonville, AR

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $476.29
California โ€“ Chevron Corporation

Location โ€“ San Ramon, CA

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $228.84


Colorado โ€“ Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Location โ€“ Englewood, CO

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $21.35


Connecticut โ€“ General Electric

Location โ€“ Fairfield, CT

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $146.04



Delaware โ€“ E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company

Location โ€“ Wilmington, DE

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $36.14



Florida โ€“ World Fuel Services Corporation

Location โ€“ Doral, FL

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $41.56


Georgia โ€“ Home Depot International, Inc.

Location โ€“ Atlanta, GA

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $85.53
Hawaii โ€“ Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc.

Location โ€“ Honolulu, HI

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $3.23
Idaho โ€“ Micron Technology, Inc.

Location โ€“ Boise, ID

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $9.07
Illinois โ€“ Archer Daniels Midland

Location โ€“ Decatur, IL

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $89.8


Indiana โ€“ WellPoint

Location โ€“ Indianapolis, IN

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $71.02
Iowa โ€“ Transamerica Life Insurance Company

Location โ€“ Cedar Point, IA

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $19.64
Kansas โ€“ Sprint Communications, Inc.

Location โ€“ Overland Park, KS

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $34.56


Kentucky โ€“ Humana, Inc.

Location โ€“ Louisville, KY

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $41.31


Louisiana โ€“ CenturyLink, Inc.

Location โ€“ Monroe, LA

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $18.09
Maine โ€“ Hannaford Bros. Co.

Location โ€“ Scarborough, ME

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $3.98
Maryland โ€“ Lockheed Martin Corporation

Location โ€“ Bethesda, MD

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $45.35
Massachusetts โ€“ Liberty Mutual Holding Company, Inc.

Location โ€“ Boston, MA

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $38.5
Michigan โ€“ General Motors

Location โ€“ Detroit, MI

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $155.42


Minnesota โ€“ Cargill, Inc.

Location โ€“ Wayzata, MN

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $136.65


Mississippi โ€“ Sanderson Farms, Inc.

Location โ€“ Laurel, MS

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $2.68


Missouri โ€“ Express Scripts Holding

Location โ€“ St. Louis, MO

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $104.09


Montana โ€“ Stillwater Mining Company

Location โ€“ Billings, MT

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $1.03
Nebraska โ€“ Berkshire Hathaway

Location โ€“ Omaha, NE

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $182.15
Nevada โ€“ Las Vegas Sands Corp.

Location โ€“ Las Vegas, NV

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $13.76


New Hampshire โ€“ Sprague Resources LP

Location โ€“ Portsmouth, NH

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $4.6
New Jersey โ€“ Johnson & Johnson

Location โ€“ New Brunswick, NJ

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $71.31
New Mexico โ€“ Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Location โ€“ Albuquerque, NM

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $2.05
New York โ€“ Verizon Communications

Location โ€“ New York, NY

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $120.55


North Carolina โ€“ Bank of America

Location โ€“ Charlotte, NC

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $101.69


North Dakota โ€“ MDU Resources Group, Inc.

Location โ€“ Bismarck, ND

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $4.46
Ohio โ€“ Cardinal Health

Location โ€“ Dublin, OH

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $101.09


Oklahoma โ€“ Loveโ€™s Travel Stops & Country Stores, Inc.

Location โ€“ Oklahoma City, OK

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $26.09


Oregon โ€“ Nike, Inc.

Location โ€“ Beaverton, OR

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $25.31


Pennsylvania โ€“ AmeriSourceBergen

Location โ€“ Chesterbrook, PA

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $87.95


Rhode Island โ€“ CVS Caremark

Location โ€“ Woonsocket, RI

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $126.76


South Carolina โ€“ Sonoco Products Company

Location โ€“ Hartsville, SC

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $4.48
South Dakota โ€“ Sanford Health

Location โ€“ Sioux Falls, SD

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $3.1


Tennessee โ€“ FedEx Corporation

Location โ€“ Memphis, TN

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $44.28
Texas โ€“ Exxon Mobil

Location โ€“ Irving, TX

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $438.25


Utah โ€“ Huntsman Corporation

Location โ€“ Salt Lake City, UT

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $11.07


Vermont โ€“ Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

Location โ€“ Waterbury, CT

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $4.35
Virginia โ€“ Freddie Mac

Location โ€“ McLean, VA

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $81.22


Washington โ€“ CostCo Wholesale

Location โ€“ Issaquah, WA

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $105.15


West Virginia โ€“ West Virginia University Hospitals, Inc.

Location โ€“ Morgantown, WV

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $42.73

Wisconsin โ€“ Johnson Controls, Inc.

Location โ€“ Milwaukee, WI

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $42.73
Wyoming โ€“ Cloud Peak Energy, Inc.

Location โ€“ Gillette, WY

Revenue (Billions) โ€“ $1.39