Mark-1 PLUMBING pickup truck from Texas shows up in ISIS photos..

The “explanation” is that the guy sold the truck, which then just so happened to be sent to the middle east. Which then ended up in the hands of terrorists.

They didn’t remove the decal?

OR… the other option..

They’re faking the ISIS stuff down in the deserts of South Texas… and they were supposed to REMOVE the Mark-1 plumbing logo via photoshop (like all the other photoshopped ISIS pics), and someone screwed up , didn’t remove the logo in the pic, and now they’re busted.

I’m leaning towards the 2nd option.







DON WRIGHT, President | CEO

Before taking over the leadership of ISIS, Don Wright served as the Chairman & CEO of The Confluence Group, a consulting business for the Aerospace, Defense and Security Industries. Mr. Wright established Confluence to perform due diligence, provide high-level strategy and consulting services, and acquire an operating platform company in the security and government sector.


From 1990 to 2006, Mr. Wright was the Chairman /President & CEO of Pacific Aerospace & Electronics, Inc. (PA&E) which he founded and grew into a multi-national public corporation with manufacturing facilities in several companies. Under Mr. Wright’s leadership the PA&E developed a large patent portfolio and intellectual property platform to produce strategic components for the Defense, Aerospace and Security industries.

Prior to 1990, Mr. Wright was the founder, President and CEO of Component Concepts, a Washington-based technology corporation. Founded in 1976, the company engaged in the testing of various electronic components for manufacturers and end users, primarily in the defense, aerospace and security industries. During his career, Mr. Wright has supervised, managed, and served on numerous OGA (Other Government Agencies) contracts, operating in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and Africa in the protection of U.S. national interests.

LUIS VEGA, Vice President | Business Development



With an MBA in International Business, Luis Vega has successfully obtained and managed billions of dollars worth of government and corporate security contracts, domestically and abroad. Prior to joining ISIS, Mr. Vega was Executive Vice President of Business Development for SOC, a private security company specializing in international force protection and low profile, high-end security operations in high-threat environments. As an operator and executive for the company, he developed all of the procedures pertaining to risk/threat and vulnerability assessments. Mr. Vega has served as the Senior Inspector for South Florida’s Criminal Justice Standards and Training’s Internal Affairs Division. Currently, he is a consultant for the U.S. Government on the Counter-Narcotics and Drug Interdiction Task Force, and has served as an agent for Legacy U.S. Customs Service, under the High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Program. Mr. Vega has active duty military and Special Operation’s experience, and has served overseas as a team leader and operator in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Panama, and Haiti; performing various security assessments for multi-national corporations and sovereign governments in the regions.

MARK BENEDICT, Senior Director & Site Manager | Operations

Mark Benedict is a mission-focused, performance-oriented professional with extensive training and experience in a variety of security disciplines and programs in hostile environments. Mr. Benedict is familiar with and capable of effectively managing complex security operations; comprehensive knowledge of physical security, personal security, and force protection issues. Experienced in combat zone security operations and activities requiring a high level of human relationship skills, Mr. Benedict is an accomplished instructor with experience conducting basic, intermediate, and advanced individual classroom and field training for more than 5,000 military personnel each year. Average class size ranged from 80 to 100 students, where he provided leadership, direction, and technical expertise to all students.

STEVE WALTERS, ISIS Intel Program Manager

Steve Walters was in the Army for 21 years, having served his final duty assignment as an instructor for the Human Intelligence Collector Course at Fort Huachuca. Joining ISIS in 2004, Mr. Walters has continued in the same instructor capacity, while simultaneously developing ISIS’ Intelligence Support and Training program. Mr. Walters now serves as a Program Manager in the Operations Department. He brings a wealth of experience in Human Intelligence, training, and management.


Alicia Burdick is the Controller for ISIS. She is responsible for management and oversight of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Financial Accounting and Human Resources. Prior to joining ISIS, Alicia was a Tax Accountant with the University of Alaska. Prior to University of Alaska, she worked as a Corporate Tax Analyst and Financial Analyst in Worldwide Consolidations with NCR Corporation, a FORTUNE 500 global technology company. Alicia holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Wright State University. She is also a licensed CPA in the state of South Carolina.

MARTIN KESNER, Recruiting Manager

Marty Kesner brings more than 30 years’ experience of human resources, talent acquisition, public relations, business development, and marketing expertise to ISIS. Prior to his arrival, he came from BAE Systems where he supported law enforcement and forensic professionals fighting the war on terror in the Middle East. Mr. Kesner also served as Military Manager and Special Advisor to the Vice President of Military Affairs at GEICO corporate headquarters in Washington DC. Here he supported enlisted programs and recognized military personnel worldwide. In this capacity, he journeyed to all US military and reserve installations in all 50 states supporting our troops in uniform. Mr. Kesner served 24 years in the US Navy holding the highest positions in Human Resources to include Amphibious Group TWO, Little Creek, VA, Senior Enlisted Advisor at Air Test and Evaluation Squadron ONE, Patuxent River, MD, Senior Command Career Counselor onboard the aircraft carrier USS AMERICA CV-66 and destroyer USS LAWRENCE DDG-4 in Norfolk, VA. He also served as a Navy recruiter in Pittsburgh, PA and Washington DC and aboard the USS SAN JOSE (AFS-7) in San Francisco, CA. He was selected by his peers to be the National Vice President for the Navy Counselor Association (NCA), helping to formulate human resource policy and procedures for all enlisted personnel in the US Navy affecting more than 230,000 sailors. His overseas service included campaigns to Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, the Mediterranean, South America, and the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans theatres of operations. He holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security from Saint Joseph’s University and has a graduate certificate in Human Resource Management from Villanova University.

BERT LORD, Quality Control Officer & FSO


Obama Admits ISIS Beheading Videos Help White House Agenda Gruesome propaganda “resulted in the American public’s quickly backing military action”

September 15, 2014

A New York Times report concerning Barack Obama’s military policy towards Islamic State paraphrases the President as acknowledging the fact that the recent spate of ISIS beheading videos has helped the White House galvanize public opinion behind Washington’s policy in the middle east.

The article, Paths to War, Then and Now, Haunt Obama, explains how the President, “noted that gruesome videos released by ISIS had helped galvanize public support for action.”

Obama’s comments are attributed to “10 people who spoke with him in the days leading up to his speech Wednesday night” who quoted “his private remarks” to the NY Times’ Peter Baker.

According to the piece, Obama remarked that it would have made more sense for ISIS to release three beheaded hostages, adding that, “ISIS had made a major strategic error by killing them because the anger it generated resulted in the American public’s quickly backing military action.”

The comments beg the question – if the alleged ISIS beheading videos only serve to bolster Washington’s agenda in the region, why is the terrorist group repeatedly releasing propaganda that actually harms their crusade to establish an Islamic caliphate?

Prominent British experts who analyzed the James Foley beheading video noted that it was probably “staged” by means of “camera trickery and slick post-production techniques,” adding that Foley may have actually been killed off camera.

As we have pointed out, ISIS’ brutal reputation for slaughtering thousands of innocents is seemingly inconsistent with the fact that the three beheading videos do not show any actual beheading, a strange characteristic given that the group is by no means squeamish about publicizing its barbarity.

In the most recent video which features British hostage David Haines, the alleged ISIS executioner even bemoans the fact that Washington is arming Kurdish Peshmerga fighters. Again this only seems to legitimize Obama’s newly announced plan to send weapons to so-called “moderate” Syrian rebels despite clear evidence that FSA militants are defecting to and providing arms to ISIS.

Despite obvious sensitivities surrounding the beheading videos and the suffering of the victim’s family members, it would be naive not to ask questions about such propaganda given the fact that the videos clearly only serve to benefit Washington’s previously unpopular efforts to grease the skids for military intervention in Syria.

The attempt to exploit last year’s chemical weapons attack in Ghouta, which at the time was blamed on the Syrian government but later appeared to have been the work of Syrian rebels, reminds us that no matter how convincing and potent it seems in the moment, war propaganda all too often contrived to deceive populations into rallying behind conflicts that they otherwise would have vehemently opposed.


With a doctorate in international business, Bert Lord has extensive expertise as an internationally practiced manager. Lord sets the focus on mission completion seasoned with global experience with specific emphasis on the Middle East, Northern Africa, and the Pacific Rim working with dispersed management teams and developing an expertise in understanding international laws, rules, requirements, treaties, agreements, cultural impacts, and security considerations, with regards to working across borders and with various cultures. Well versed in leading organizations around the world through transitions in conflict and post-conflict areas or areas of severe poverty to allow those organizations to safely complete mission requirements. Uniquely experienced in the US Military as a Naval Nuclear Submarine Engineer where he was leading petty officer in charge of foreign relations and shipboard security, expertise as an enterprise level Program Director, within small and medium sized companies working in a myriad of roles, as well as universities and NGOs within the US and in the international community.

JOSE HAW ZAMORA – ISIS Training Center

Jose Haw Zamora has had 20 years of military experience and has held various operational, commissions and management duties of human and material resources. He served as a training instructor in courses and units of Mexicans Special Forces for nearly 16 years and received training in leadership, organization and operation of special operations detachments in any geographical area, rappelling, first aid, basic climbing, mountaineering, offensive and defensive driving vehicles, communications, hand to hand combat, regular shooting competition shooting and reaction with handguns and rifles, and sniper shooting. Also well versed with Close Combat Training, VIP protection, and held noteworthy commissions such as security officer with Marisela Morales Ibañez former head of the PGR and various officials of the Mexican Department Of Defense. His last unit before retirement was the Special Forces High Command (GAFE del Alto Mando).





Jorge Mar has had 20 years of military experience and has held various operational, commissions and management duties of human and material resources. He served as a training instructor in courses and units of Mexicans Special Forces for nearly 16 years and received training in leadership, organization and operation of special operations detachments in any geographical area, rappelling, first aid, basic climbing, mountaineering, offensive and defensive driving vehicles, communications, hand to hand combat, regular shooting competition shooting and reaction with handguns and rifles, and sniper shooting. Also well versed with Close Combat Training, VIP protection, and held noteworthy commissions such as security officer with Marisela Morales Ibañez former head of the PGR and various officials of the Mexican Department Of Defense. His last unit before retirement was the Special Forces High Command (GAFE del Alto Mando). He also has certification by the STPS (Mexican Department of labor) as an external trainer.




According to the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Saad Hariri, the United States runs ISIS operations in Iraq out of its embassy in Ankara, Turkey. The plan to carve up Iraq and spark a regional war in the Middle East was masterminded by the Atlantic Council, according to Hariri.

A source close to Hariri said the finishing touches were put on the balkanization plan during a George Soros funded Atlantic Council energy summit held in Istanbul last November.

“We view the current period as a turning point, just like 1918 and 1945. Turkey is in every way a central country, as a creator of regional stability. However much the USA and Turkey can work in unison, that is how effective they will be,” Atlantic Council President Frederick Kempe said during the summit.

Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait have worked closely with the United States to push the Alawite Shi’a regime of Bashar al-Assad from power in Syria. According to Hariri’s source the Shi’ite regime installed in Baghdad has frustrated the effort to enable to jihadist mercenaries in Syria and stands in the way of the ongoing effort to diminish the power of Iran.
“Had Baghdad been more cooperative about the Syrian oil fields at Deir-Ez-Zor in early 2013 and about autonomy for the North [Iraq’s northern, predominantly Kurdish region] they would possibly not have turned against al-Maliki,” the source said.

ISIS in Syria was scheduled to control Deir-Ez-Zor by August of 2013, but the timeline was sidelined when Britain decided not to support the bombing of Syria. The lack of air strikes allowed the Syrian government to run both ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra out of Deir-Ez-Zor and relinquish control of the al-Thayem oil field.

The ISIS offensive in Iraq resulted in empowering the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and handing over oil installations in the disputed Kirkuk province.

Exxon Mobil, Chevron and Total are negotiating with the KRG to gain access to the oil. In 1998 it was demonstrated that the Kirkuk Field had 10 billion barrels of proven remaining oil reserves. The Kirkuk–Ceyhan Oil Pipeline runs through ISIS held territory to Ceyhan, Turkey.

“ISIS… was supposed to control [the region around] Deir Ez-Zor. [Turkish Energy Minister Taner] Yildiz and [Kurdish] Energy Minister Ashti] Hawrami were to make sure the oil could flow via the Kirkuk – Ceyhan [pipeline]… Ankara put al-Maliki under a lot of pressure about the Kurdish autonomy and oil, too much pressure, too early, if you’d ask me,” the source reportedly said.

The fierce battle between ISIS and the Iraq government at the Baiji plant, the largest oil refinery in Iraq producing 300,000 barrels of oil per day, emphasizes one of the primary objectives of the ISIS offensive.

In addition to establishing a medieval caliphate and imposing an austere version of Sharia law, ISIS is moving to secure oil resources in both Syria and Iraq. Balakanization of the region and control of assets by fanatical Muslims will allow transnational oil corporations to cut lucrative deals smiliar to the arrangements they are currently negotiating with the Kurds.

This sort of behavior represents business as usual for the global elite. It is reminiscent of the attitude prevailing after the CIA and Pakistani intelligence installed the Taliban in Afghanistan. Recall the ebullience of the U.S. State Department after the Taliban captured Kabul and took power in the mid-1990s.

Phil Gasper writes:

State Department spokesperson Glyn Davies said that he saw “nothing objectionable” in the Taliban’s plans to impose strict Islamic law, and Senator Hank Brown, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on the Near East and South Asia, welcomed the new regime: “The good part of what has happened is that one of the factions at last seems capable of developing a new government in Afghanistan.” “The Taliban will probably develop like the Saudis. There will be Aramco [the consortium of oil companies that controlled Saudi oil], pipelines, an emir, no parliament and lots of Sharia law. We can live with that,” said another U.S. diplomat in 1997.

Likewise, the elite will deal with ISIS and covertly support endless sectarian and religious strife and violence in the resource rich Middle East. The Atlantic Council and its partners approve and are pushing for endless conflict between Sunnis and Shi’as because this will serve to erode the influence of Shia Iran.

Like Iraq under Saddam Hussein, a relatively powerful and influential Iran will not be tolerated and must be rolled back at all cost, no matter if that cost will be a staggering loss of human life.

The Atlantic Council: Influential Globalist Think Tank

The Atlantic Council is a preeminent and influential insider think tank based in Washington, DC. “The Atlantic Council of the United States was established in 1961 by former Secretaries of State Dean Acheson and Christian Herter to bolster support for NATO,” writes Rick Rozoff.

It is associated with the CFR, the American Enterprise Institute, the RAND Corporation, the Aspen Institute, and the Carnegie Endowment. It receives money from the Ford Foundation, in other words the CIA, and George Soros’ Open Society.

Corporate members include Boeing, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon, all which stand to make a fortune selling weapons to parties warring in the Middle East. Large transnational corporations and international banks, including AT&T, Chevron U.S.A., Daimler, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and others are also represented.

Blackwater Threatened to Kill State Dept. Official in Iraq

A senior official with the private security firm Blackwater threatened to kill a US State Department investigator in 2007 for attempting to review the group’s performance in Iraq.

An internal State Department memorandum featured by the New York Times Monday reveals how the investigator, Jean C. Richter, alerted his superiors following the incident, only two weeks before Blackwater mercenaries shot and killed 17 Iraqi civillians in Nisour Square.

According to Richter, a Diplomatic Security special agent, Baghdad’s Blackwater project manager, Daniel Carroll, threatened to kill him at the end of the month long investigation.

“Mr. Carroll’s statement was made in a low, even tone of voice, his head was slightly lowered; his eyes were fixed on mine,” Richter’s memo stated. “I took Mr. Carroll’s threat seriously. We were in a combat zone where things can happen quite unexpectedly, especially when issues involve potentially negative impacts on a lucrative security contract.”

State Department management analyst Donald Thomas Jr., who was also present during the incident, corroborated Richter’s comments in a similar statement as well.

US Embassy officials responded to the threat by siding with Blackwater, demanding the investigators leave the country immediately.

“The management structures in place to manage and monitor our contracts in Iraq have become subservient to the contractors themselves,” Richter said. “Blackwater contractors saw themselves as above the law.”

During his short time in Iraq, Richter’s investigation uncovered gross misconduct across the board. Not only was Blackwater deceptively overcharging the State Department, but Blackwater guards were found to be “drinking heavily and partying with frequent female visitors” while on duty.

Armored vehicles used by Blackwater to protect American diplomats were also found to be “poorly maintained and deteriorating,” with one $180,000 vehicle being damaged after four intoxicated guards crashed into a concrete barrier while on the way to a private party.

“A Blackwater-affiliated firm was forcing ‘third country nationals’ — low-paid workers from Pakistan, Yemen and other countries, including some who performed guard duty at Blackwater’s compound — to live in squalid conditions, sometimes three to a cramped room with no bed, according to the report by the investigators,” the article states.

Despite having their license to work in Iraq revoked, a 2010 cable published by WikiLeaks found the group to still be operating in the region. Due to continued controversy, Blackwater has since changed its name to Constellis Holdings.


The Arabic version of Aljazeera, the Doha-based broadcaster funded by the House of Thani in Qatar, has joined the growing chorus questioning the beheading of journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

The news channel says the videos are “unconvincing” and Foley and Sotloff are actors right out of “Hollywood” casting. It believes the videos were produced as a pretext ahead of a U.S. invasion of Syria.

“Perhaps the first thing that draws the attention of the viewer” in the first beheading video is that “Foley was playing the role of champion not the victim only, for he recites a lengthy statement in peerless theatrical performance, and it seems from tracking the movement of his eyes that he was reading a text from an autocue,” Aljazeera reports.

The news network poses questions similar to those asked by tatoott1009.com and other alternative news sites soon after the video appeared. For instance, a clue the video was staged is the lack of blood when Foley and Sotloff supposedly have their throats cut by a masked jihadist. The “knife being moved on the neck of the victim six times triggered no blood,” Aljazeera notes.

Moreover, neither of the supposed victims display fear despite the fact they are about to have their heads sawed off.

“It also raised questions over how Foley, who was kidnapped since 2012, reached the hands of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Even more, it raised doubts over the identity of the executed man, claiming that he does not look like Foley,” reports Al Arabiya News.

“It quoted unidentified ‘activists’ as claiming that Foley had previously worked for the U.S. Department of State and that he might have had links with intelligence, ‘which could mean that he colluded in the fabrication of the tape.’”

Al Arabiya, a Saudi-owned pan-Arab television news channel, questions why the report criticizing the alleged beheading videos only appears in Arabic. It notes “there was no translation or mention of the article which doubts of Foley and Sotloff found on Al Jazeera English website.”

Al Arabiya quotes a Lebanon-based media specialist and commentator who tries to prove a negative in order to claim the beheadings in fact occurred.

“If, as he claims, it’s all staged, can he prove that without a shadow of a doubt? Does he have tangible proof it didn’t happen, or is he just rehashing others’ suspicions? In a court of law, one would need solid data, not just circumstantial evidence. Were there witnesses?” Abu-Fadil said, casting doubt on the Aljazeera writer who posted the report.






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