DAHBOO77 CPU remotely accessed get your popcorn set a spell ( Ebola Virus )( Snowden )


 They got me…..Every video I ever did was removed remotely… I watched my laptop get taken over in fro t of my own eyes… sooooooooo.
Bare with me guys….while I try to get through this Mess!


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Snowden: There’s A “Holy Sh_t” Smoking Gun Revelation Coming

Edward Snowden, the former NSA employee turned whistleblower, says that there are still huge revelations regarding the over reach of government surveillance that would have far reaching ramifications.

In an interview with fellow whistleblower James Bamford, appearing in Wired, Snowden spoke of the volume of documents he has in his possession, revealing that there are so many that he hasn’t yet been able to read all of them.

Snowden says that he doesn’t have any where near the 1.7 million documents the government claims he does, yet admits that there is a significant amount of information yet to be made public.

“I think they think there’s a smoking gun in there that would be the death of them all politically,” he tells the tech magazine, as he appears on this month’s cover wrapped in a US flag.


“The fact that the government’s investigation failed—that they don’t know what was taken and that they keep throwing out these ridiculous, huge numbers—implies to me that somewhere in their damage assessment they must have seen something that was like, ‘Holy sh_t.’ And they think it’s still out there.” the whistleblower added.

He also criticized the NSA for not getting their house in order in the year since his revelations came to light.

“They still haven’t fixed their problems. They still have negligent auditing, they still have things going for a walk, and they have no idea where they’re coming from and they have no idea where they’re going,” he says.

“And if that’s the case, how can we as the public trust the NSA with all of our information, with all of our private records, the permanent record of our lives?” Snowden urges.

Addressing critics who still brand him a traitor, Snowden says that he is acting to preserve American values.

“I told the government I’d volunteer for prison, as long as it served the right purpose,” he claims. “I care more about the country than what happens to me. But we can’t allow the law to become a political weapon or agree to scare people away from standing up for their rights, no matter how good the deal. I’m not going to be part of that.”

The Wired piece also touches on a new revelation that the NSA has developed a secret, autonomous program called “Monstermind” which functions without human operation to respond to cyber attacks from abroad.

Snowden notes that significant problems could arise from the program given that cyber attacks can be made to appear to originate from somewhere other than the actual source.

“These attacks can be spoofed,” Snowden says. “You could have someone sitting in China, for example, making it appear that one of these attacks is originating in Russia. And then we end up shooting back at a Russian hospital. What happens next?”

In related news, a federal judge ruled on Monday that the government does not have to turn over the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court’s orders, or the names of phone companies helping it collect communications data. Therefore the NSA can continue to get access to the data in secret. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, who brought the case against the U.S. Department of Justice, says it is still deciding whether or not to appeal the decision.


MP Claims Ebola Virus Has Arrived in France Patrick Balkany issues “emergency alert”


National Assembly member Patrick Balkany claims that the Ebola virus has hit France, but his comments were quickly denied by the country’s health authorities.

“According to reliable medical sources, several cases have been reported in the French territory,” Balkany stated on his website, adding, “It did not fall from the sky….but given the medical secret, I can not reveal my source.”

Sylvain Baize, Director of the National Reference Center (NRC), repudiated the claim, stating in an email, “I can tell you that so far there are no confirmed cases of infection with Ebola virus in France.”

If the Ebola virus were to arrive in Europe, France would be one of the likeliest destinations given the country’s large number of immigrants from African countries. Nearly 43 per cent of all immigrants in France have African origins, increasing the chances of immigrants or their family members traveling back and forth from Ebola-stricken countries.

An elderly Spanish priest became the first European to die from Ebola earlier this week after being evacuated from Liberia on August 7. 75-year-old Miguel Pajares was given the experimental serum ZMapp but the treatment failed.

The Ebola virus has killed over 1,000 people so far and is the worst outbreak in history. Last week, the World Health Organization declared the crisis to be an international public health emergency and followed up by giving the green light for experimental vaccines to be tested on victims.

As we reported yesterday, former FDA official Scott Gottlieb, M.D. warned that if the virus was to hit the United States, the CDC would enact emergency procedures which could lead to healthy Americans who show no symptoms of the diseased being forcibly detained for an indefinite period of time.