The Smoking Gun Proving Ferguson Was Staged! Share! St Louis County officer suspended after video surfaces



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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A St. Louis County Police officer has been suspended for comments he made at an Oath Keeper’s meeting in 2012. The video was just made known to Chief Jon Belmar Friday.

In the video Sargent Major Dan Page speaks on a number of topics. He comments on a plan to end American sovereignty, establishing martial law and merging the U.S. with the New World Order.

This is a quote from the video, “I personally believe in Jesus Christ as my lord savior, but I’m also a killer. I’ve killed a lot. And if I need to, I’ll kill a whole bunch more. If you don’t want to get killed, don’t show up in front of me, it’s that simple.”

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Sargent Major Dan Page was speaking to the St. Louis and St. Charles, Missouri Chapter of Oath Keepers. The video was made in 2012 and it is unclear where it was shot.

This is part of a statement issued by St. Louis County Police, “We hold our officers to a high standard of honor both on and off duty. While we as a department do not have an issue with officers expressing themselves, this was disturbing and unacceptable. The officer is a 35 year veteran of this department and has been deployed numerous times in military service. He had passed the evaluations upon returning from deployment and there was no indication of this attitude.”


Read the full statement below:


Missouri police officer on leave over video in which he says: ‘I’m … a killer’


Okay, this is pretty strange and has been well researched by many amateur researchers on the internet.  The man in the top photo is retired Sgt Major Dan Page (Army Ranger) who has been shown many times in the alternative media giving a speech to some Oath Keepers in the St. Louis area.  The video of the entire speech is here for you to watch later.   To get to the meat of this quickly watch the shorter second video which ties it all together.



In the video he explains the dangers that are coming to America and that if we don’t change things at the ballot box we will have to go to the bullet box.  He seems like a pretty patriotic guy in this video.  Hey says we have the right to get rid of our current government.


Here are some of his important quotes from the speech.


“contractors are going to come in – maybe me.” –


“They’re going to kill you.  That person sitting next to you won’t  be sitting there because they’re going to be gone because somebody like me is going to come in and kill you. ”


“The new constitution is all ready to go.  They only need the right incident to bring it down and they’re working on that right now.  We’re not very far away from an event that’s going to bring what you call, martial law, that term will never be used by the way  Emergency Police Powers will be.”


During the speech he said he still carries a secret clearance and had just left Fort Leonard Wood (military base in the Missouri Ozarks).  He said he gets briefed every six months.


Here’s some more quotes.


“The news media is going to start banging on something – could be Ukraine, could be we don’t know.   That’s how psychological warfare works.  They talk about THIS and this is happening over here.  It’s called a distraction.”


“So number one is – there’s going to be an emphasis on an international event – the news media is going to pound it, pound it, pound it.   The second thing is you’re going to see a group or a person guilty of racism or something along those lines and they’re going to start pounding on that.  They want your attention over here.  The third thing you’re going to start seeing is people will be arrested for domestic terrorism.  The fourth thing you’re going to see and this is what I’m going to talk to the ladies about – it’s what I call ancient hate, ancient madness, ancient revenge.  When these things start to happen, people are going to start rioting.   The EBT cards are going to shut down.  Can you imagine what’s going to happen in St Louis County when the EBT cards go down, when the ATM machines don’t work?”


“When the inner cities start to erupt, people are going to start killing people they don’t like”.


“Right now in the United States, most Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs and Lieutenants and above will go to the FBI academy.  When they go to the FBI academy, they come back brainwashed for some reason.  Now I know that the St. Louis County police has that policy, I do not know about the rest of them but every Sheriff will go to the FBI academy.”


“Incidentally, there is a movie out with Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s called  Escape…that boat exists.  It’s real.  That boat does exist.  I’m telling you for a fact.”


“So I have to get permission from the Army to do this.  I’m theirs, they own me.”


Note by Glenn: Okay so how does a “patriot” go from telling the truth about what’s going to come to actually being a part of the event he said was coming to America!  Now for the record, I have found out that Dan Page did tell everybody after that speech that he was going to work for law enforcement and it’s probably safe to assume that he lived in the St. Louis area since the speech he gave to the oath keepers was in the St. Louis area and by his own admission he was checking in with Fort Leonard Wood which is in the Missouri Ozarks.  So that’s not a huge deal.  


But what is a HUGE deal is when Dan Page tells us exactly what is going to happen in 2012 and then is a part of it all in 2014!  He tells us in the speech that he still checks in with Fort Leonard Wood for a briefing every six months and he still has an active secret clearance!  I’ve been told by people at that it’s pretty common for somebody that is a contractor for the DoD to get briefings every six months and that people like this are working for the Department of Homeland Security all over the place!   He even says at the speech that they “own him”.  He had to get the okay for him to speak to them.  Just what is Dan Page’s mission here?


Dan Page is the officer involved in the CNN psyop that looks totally staged!  How did he go from being a “good  guy” warning us as to what would happen to part of the “bad guys” actually doing the psyop?   Did he go to the FBI academy after 2012 that he admitted was brainwashing everybody?   And in the last video on this page, Dan admits that he worked in special forces and his specialty was psychological warfare (at about the 16:30 mark of the speech video) where he learned “how to destroy a nation from within without direct military contact”.  What are the odds of this?   


I believe this is VERY important information!  Was Dan Page completely mind controlled at the FBI Academy or through Fort Leonard Wood?   What exactly is his mission?  I don’t know what this all means but what does seem absolutely clear is that the Ferguson event is a STAGED event and Dan Page knew all about something just like this that would come.  How did he know this unless he had access to the plans?  He seems to be following the script he talked about in 2012!  That’s really the big deal here as well as his background in psychological warfare. 


Video that ties Dan Page the “patriot” to the Cop Part of the CNN Psyop.  This is a MUST SEE!  There’s no doubt this is the same man!  Same voice, and Dan admitted he was going to be a law enforcement officer and he was from the area!


This is a RED ALERT!  Get this post out to everybody through social networks and email lists.  I don’t believe in coincidences such as one of the main players at Ferguson being trained in Psychological Warfare and admitting there was major brainwashing going on in the police departments and then being part of it all!   Who knows if Michael Brown was mind controlled to get aggressive with a cop or if they just waited for a white cop to kill a black kid before they sprang into action.  It really doesn’t matter at this point because we now have the proof that this entire thing was scripted and they want to start using “Emergency Police Powers” everywhere!  Dan Page told us EXACTLY what was going to happen in 2014 back in 2012!  He even mentioned that “Ukraine” could be used as one of the two events as well as a racial event!   They are using Ukraine and ISIS now as the “other” event Dan talked about in the speech to the Oath Keepers and Ferguson is being used as the “racial” event!


Here’s the interview with Dan Page where I found out that he specialized in Psychological Warfare and Asymmetrical Warfare which is “how to destroy a nation from within without direct military contact.”  You’ll hear that at about the 16:30 mark in this video.  Get the word out everywhere so everybody knows that Ferguson is a staged event!  They are following the exact script that Dan Page talked about in 2012!