Several members of New York’s City Council “gun offender registry modeled after current sex offender" began to take shape in 1995


Several members of New York’s City Council want to create a public “gun offender” registry modeled after current sex offender registries, which would ultimately list names, addresses and photos of New Yorkers who violate gun control laws.

In a recent press release, council member Costa Constantinides, who is sponsoring the proposal, says the registry will be updated on a monthly basis and will include “the offender’s name, block on which they live, a physical description, the crime the offender was convicted of, and sentence imposed.”

“This online gun offender registry bill will promote public safety and guarantee our communities are notified when a registered gun offender lives within their neighborhood,” he claimed.

Constantinides and his fellow council members also claimed the “gun offender registry” would help combat “gun violence,” a common claim used by anti-gun politicians who want to completely eradicate the Second Amendment.

And make no mistake, thousands of non-violent New York citizens who violate unconstitutional gun control laws will end up in the database.

“In reality, this legislation – just like every other law targeting ‘gun crime’ – has nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with politics,” Kentucky blogger Bluegrass Bruce wrote. “If Constantinides were truly interested in public safety, the proposed database would include all violent criminals – not just the ones who use guns.”

“By choosing to target only ‘gun criminals,’ he is implying that someone who has committed a minor gun offense is more dangerous than someone who has stabbed someone to death or beaten his wife.”

That’s because the true intent of the “gun offender registry” is to condition the public into treating gun owners like social outcasts no different from violent sexual predators.

And this proposal is similar to the policies Facebook, Inc. enacted earlier this year which treat gun-related content as pornography on its namesake social media site.

Facebook’s policies include restrictions on users under 18 from seeing firearm-related content and the forced indoctrination of gun control propaganda targeted at users interested in firearms.

This smear campaign against gun owners really began to take shape in 1995, when U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Eric Holder, now the Attorney General, said government officials and others with influence should “brainwash” the public into thinking about guns in a negative way.

“What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people, and make it’s something that’s not cool, that’s it’s not acceptable, that it’s not hip to carry a gun anymore in the way which we changed our attitudes about cigarettes,” he said. “When I was growing up, people smoked all the time, both my parents did, but over time we changed the way people thought about smoking, so now we have people who cower outside of buildings and kind of smoke in private and don’t want to admit it.”

The proposed “gun offender” registry is the realization of this agenda Holder pushed nearly 20 years ago, and unfortunately, in the near future, there will be stronger attempts to shame gun owners by both the entertainment industry and the mainstream media.