The Nuclear Bomb Hoax BIGGEST SECRET ! WOW REALY ?


In this video Bruce Cathie explains the classified knowledge behind the atomic bomb and the planetary harmonics involved in setting them off. This is the esoteric science that all the ancient cultures understood and is even built within the Great Pyramid, where two sides measure to 1 arc second of movement of Earth’s rotation. It’s related to scared geometry and setting up harmonic relationships between 3 points through pythagorean alignments which sets up standing waves or octaves between these harmonic nodes.

This is also related to the research of John Nelson who discovered that whenever the Sun was positioned exactly between Mercury and Jupiter (180) or Mercury and Saturn (180, and also when Venus was 90 degrees to Saturn the incident of large sunspots increased.

This is the information that is being used within the black projects and they stated to Cathie that they would have no problem assassinating people who get in their way. Cathie turned down their job offered as he thought that the human race deserved to know this information and stated they were no different to Nazi’s and he told them so.

Bruce Cathie died June 2nd 2013.


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Bruce Cathie

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Bruce Leonard Cathie
Born 1930
Died 2 June 2013
Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
Occupation Airline pilot and author

Bruce Leonard Cathie (1930 – 2 June 2013) was a New Zealand airline pilot who wrote seven books related to flying saucers and a “World energy grid”.

His central thesis was that the laws of mathematics describe a grid-like pattern on the earth that powers flying saucers and controls the dates and places where nuclear bombs can function.[citation needed] He claimed to have successfully predicted[citation needed] the detonation time of an early French nuclear test using his harmonic “mathematics”, which is based around trigonometry and geophysical latitude/longitude coordinates.

Cathie claimed that he first saw a flying saucer over the Manukau Harbour, Auckland in 1952 and in discussions with other airline pilots discovered this was not uncommon.[1]

His first book Harmonic 33, was published in New Zealand in 1968[2] and reprinted in the United Kingdom by Sphere Books in 1980.[3]

New Zealand millennial author Barry Smith claimed to have received his information on restrictions on nuclear weapons from Cathie.

An interview with him was played in the fourth episode of the fourth series of the US television program In Search of….

His second revised relativity equation called “Harmonic Equation 2”; (2c+sqrt(1/(2c))*(2c)² or (4*sqrt(2)]/[(1/c)*5/2) scientifically, seems to somewhat converge with Buckminster Fuller’s Synergetics formula 2nf²+2 but there is certainly a divergence in the formulas and more work is needed on it.

Cathie died in Takapuna in 2013.[4]


  • Harmonic 33 (1968)
  • Harmonic 695 – The UFO and Anti-Gravity (1971)
  • Harmonic 288 – The Pulse of the Universe (1977)
  • Harmonic 371244 – The Bridge to Infinity
  • The Energy Grid
  • The Harmonic Conquest of Space

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