Is it a crime to raise a killer? "Solar Storm Could ‘Detonate’ Nuclear Weapons" WOW REALLY ! ! ! !


“Where were their parents?” grieving families asked after Columbine and Newtown, after Isla Vista and Troutdale.

“Where were the parents?” asks Anthony Pasquale, sitting in the back booth of the Liberty Diner in Clayton, where his coffee is on the house now, because, as is the case everywhere else in town, everyone knows who he is. “Parenting comes with responsibilities, and one of those is to raise your kids right, to pay attention and know when they’re a danger to someone else. That’s a parent’s job.”

To fail at that job is a crime, he believes. He’s recently taken his certainty to court, suing Justin Robinson’s parents for, essentially, being bad parents. He has also turned to and the New Jersey Legislature, advocating for “Autumn’s Law,” which would punish such parenting with prison.

“Parents who ignore the warning signs of their children’s propensity toward violence are direct contributors to their minor children’s murders,” his petition reads. “If the minor who murdered my daughter was properly treated, parented, disciplined and supervised my daughter would probably be alive today.”

Or, as his lawyer put it, “If you’re going to raise a murderer, you’re going to take responsibility.” 

It is a controversial point of view, rooted in society’s ever-changing expectations of parenting — and the increasing impulse to right wrongs with lawsuits. Are today’s parents too lenient, creating a generation of undisciplined kids? Or too hovering, creating fragile, dependent children? Are parents too quick to blame their children’s quirks and missteps on “issues”? Or is our mental health system not equipped to respond to the rising need of families for help? What is a parent’s responsibility for and toward a child as he gets older? Is it bad parenting to insist on knowing everything about your children? Or bad parenting not to?



NASA Scientist Says Solar Storm Could ‘Detonate’ Nuclear Weapons


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