Riot Police meet new protesters just 1/2 mile from dutchsinse house! LIVE FOOTAGE SO CHECK IT OUT


A new round of protests (and rioting) broke out , this time on the SOUTH side of St. Louis , about 1/2 mile from my house!!

The original Ferguson riots were about 20 miles away in North St. Louis.

This new round of marching people are protesting a NEW shooting which happened , where a teenager named Vonderrit Myers, Jr. took 3 shots at a police officer, the officer shot back and killed the teen.

For some reason, people are saying the teen had a “sandwich” not a gun, however official reports are multiple shots were fired by the teen BEFORE the officer returned fire.

Unfortunately, CNN and the other main stream media reported this as a “new michael brown” story. Which is not accurate. This teen was armed and shooting.

Nevermind the facts, people are upset with the overall police state, and are looking for a reason to revolt. Its obvious now, its not about Michael Brown or this new teenage criminal, its about people not liking the big brother mentality creeping in on all sides.

That’s what this whole issue is REALLY about, not about “race”, its about excessive use of force across the entire country. Dozens of people shot, unarmed while in police custody in multiple states.

Black people, whites, asians, hispanics… the entire spectrum of races has been excessively beaten, shot, and incarcerated by an out of control police state.

Lets not let the main stream media turn this into a race war — then the police state will jump in and take over.

Remember, the police state (new world order some call it) is looking for a reason to institute martial law.

People “race rioting” is the perfect excuse to roll in 1,000 police officers, armored tanks, and pass new laws limiting (whats left of) our freedoms.

For the record, I am from Ferguson, MO (unlike Michael Brown I might add), and I am 100% for equality among races. Personally, I feel violence is wrong when done to ANYONE (unless you’re defending yourself) … thus I cannot support any violent protests, rioters, looters, or civil unrest.

Violence will not stop the police state from growing.


( – Two police cars and a business were damaged Thursday night on Grand Avenue after another night of protests in south St. Louis.

Around 200 to 300 protesters began moving towards the intersection of Grand Avenue and Lafayette early Thursday evening. Protesters later moved south near the intersection of Grand Avenue and Flora Court.

A section of Grand Avenue was closed during the night because protesters were walking into the street.

Photos: Computer / Mobile

News 4’s Matt Sczesny was on Grand Avenue and reported some protesters were hit with pepper spray near the intersection of Grand and Arsenal.

St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said someone threw a knife at a police officer, the handle of the knife struck the officer before and landed on the ground. He also said protestors surrounded a police vehicle and made threats against officers, which brought a heavy police presence to the area.

Matt Sczesny spoke to Chief Dotson Thursday night about the scene at Grand and Arsenal:

Dotson said police showed restraint throughout the evening but stressed police and protestors need to respect one another.

According to police, eight people were arrested during the victim disobedience. Police say one person was arrested for possession of Marijuana, five were arrested for unlawful assembly and two were arrested for property damage.

Authorities say one officer was hit in the arm with a brick during the evening.

Police stayed in the area overnight to protect businesses and residents.

Click here to view raw video from Grand Avenue overnight

A majority of Grand Avenue near Interstate 44 was closed until early Friday.

The protesters were demonstrating after an officer shot Vonderrit Myers, Jr. Myers was shot Wednesday night near the intersection of Shaw Avenue and Klemm Avenue