Military Police Caught Setting Fires In Ferguson & 10 demands BULL SH-T ALERT GET YOUR POPCORN


It has come to my attention that some people on youtube are saying that the “National Guard” were caught on video setting fires.




First, its not national guard, its St. Charles county tactical SWAT (police).

Here is the ORIGINAL video. Seen at 3min 10 seconds in… you can clearly see a VERY large orange explosion and fireball which erupts across the street from the car, which REFLECTS IN THE WINDOW of the car.


The explosion is in this national guard shot.. all part of the same shot.. then the pan over..

NO fire in the car set by “national guard” this is unfortunate disinformation being repeated by multiple channels whom I respect.

Whoever made the original claim… THEY left out the explosion…

How could they do that? It’s so obvious in the original. Who is the first person to feed this disinfo to the group? Check your sources guys!!!!!

Someones pulling your leg, or making an honest mistake which now is spreading like its true.


Reports on youtube that the “national guard” are seen lighting fires in Ferguson at the Advanced Auto store.

This is unfortunately total misinformation.

1st, its not the national guard, its St. Louis / St. Charles county SWAT (police)..

2nd, there is a large blast across the street which sends up a noticeable fireball… the fireball is reflected in the car window… ALL the swat team takes cover, then look over across the street in the direction of the large blast.

You can clearly see the blast reflected at the same time in the windows of the store..

No fire set in the car by police, and its not national guard (who were all wearing brown military riot gear, not green SWAT police gear).

Clearly people on youtube are reaching at this point for some kind of wrongdoing where no exists.

How about the rioters setting the fires.. you’d think they’d focus on fellow citizens doing the damage, but people want to blame the police regardless.

Also, people saying no firefighters were there?  In reality, several firemen were there, and several had to pull back DUE TO BEING SHOT AT.

Yes, the rioting protesters were shooting at the firemen.

Overall, it seems like the explosion was deliberately overlooked, in order to find a conspiracy where none exists.

Got to love youtube living up to ITS reputation, also poor rioters living up to their reputations, and of course cops living up to their reputations.

Firemen held up their reputations by staying on the scene even when the fire they are fighting requires 10 trucks, and they only have one.. while the others are ducking from gunfire from rioting protesters.

Nevermind the facts, or truth, there’s a police state to fight, and this is the thing we need to use to bring it down.

Fight a lie with a lie!  That’s why everyone’s spreading it so fast on youtube, facebook, etc..

Please help stop the disinfo.  See for yourself.



FERGUSON, Mo. – The protest group Ferguson Action has created a new list of demands.

Since the grand jury did not hand down an indictment against Officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting case, the group says the list has become its new focus moving forward.


Ferguson Action held a mass meeting Saturday afternoon to introduce the list. It closed the meeting to the media to discuss the demands privately with protesters.

There are 10 demands total, with explanations of what each points entail. They include things like political accountability for Michael Brown’s death, as well as appointing a special prosecutor to every case involving deadly force.

You can read the list of demands and details below.

Ferguson Action Group's Demands