Social Media Shutdown due to Sandy Hook false copyrights


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My opinion on this Sandy Hook family who are falsely flagging peoples free speech down, and my opinions on their now documented online trolling use a company they formed to commit these acts.  *company formed using money they collected from the public (and taxpayers!):

I got hit hard yesterday, after putting out calls for help to my viewers across all social media, after already (previously) being shut down 6 times in 4 years, after multiple falsely filed copyright claims over the years, which I fought and won (and was restored strike free), after falsely filed community guidelines violations over the years , which I fought and won (and was restored strike free) — and — after false claims by others that THEY owned my channel, where I had to “prove” I was Michael Janitch to google…  I made NASDAQ over that one!

After all of that…

Yesterday, a Sandy Hook ($andy Crook) family member came to a video I made and filed a false copyright claim against it because I’m showing a google search containing something they don’t like.

Video they flagged: (dead link)

The man filing the false claims of copyright goes by many names, the name associated with the COMPANY (which filed the claim against me) is Leonard Pozner (age 47 from Newtown CT).   HONR Network is his company which specializes in getting content removed from the internet which they don’t approve of.

Address: 908 N Dixie Highway
Suite 240
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Registered Agent: None Listed
Filing Date: November 03, 2014
File Number: G14000111151


They filed a claim against my video showing who was filing claims against videos!!  Epic fail circular reasoning.

honr network

Yes, that really happened, I’m explaining who is filing claims on videos, and that person comes over and files a FALSE copyright claim against me.

Sandy Hook family member getting a special pass on youtube?!  Free speech for HE but not for ME?

Is that how things are going to be going?  You guys want to get your earthquake and weather news from this Sandy Hook guy?

Is the Sandy Hook guy going to be around 24/7 to report news to you people?  Or is the Sandy Hook guy going to cash in some more, and go start more businesses that bring him in more $$?

People are LETTING this Sandy Hook family walk all over our rights, all because they supposedly lost someone?  Do we let victims of crimes determine our free speech rights?  Crime victims can be unreasonable, reactionary, and sometimes downright crazy in their behavior.

I personally think that it is VERY odd a Sandy Hook family member would CLAIM victim status, but then actively go out online and pick fights with people who will never agree with him.

Are we supposed to all believe the Sandy Hook families?  Is it a law?   MUST I BE COMPELLED to believe ?  I have a right to say I think the Sandy Hook families are full of shit, I think they’re liars cashing in.

I don’t care if it offends them, or anyone else.   Do you (or they) think that anyone has a right to shut people down whose opinions are not liked?

Just wait until it’s done to you!

I tried to file a dispute against his false claim, and youtube would NOT allow a dispute to be filed.  First time I’ve seen this in over 4 years of making videos.

NO DISPUTE!  You are a criminal by dictate of the whim of a Sandy Hook family member?

Imagine if I came to you falsely claimed you stole something from me, and then filed a report saying it!  You don’t get to present your side, because I say it, you’re guilty!

honr networka

Filing a claim of copyright theft (by the Sandy Hook family) is a public accusation of a crime being committed.

The fact that I cannot dispute this means that even though I committed no crime, I have been deemed guilty by the person accusing me of the crime.  I now have to get a lawyer and sue to have this accusation of a crime removed.

If I agree, or let this go, it stands as a copyright crime / violation for life.  I have to counter sue (in actual court not on youtube) to have my name cleared.

The Sandy Hook family member is now the Judge Jury and ??  I don’t even want to say it since everyone is so brainwashed into loving these “victims” of Sandy Hook.

I dispute this claim publicly now, since I can’t dispute it with youtube.

I showed a google search in the video, and did NOT steal anything belonging to Mr. Pozner or HONR Network.  Normally, in all other cases I’ve ever seen, youtube allows someone accused to dispute.  When I clicked the dispute button, the above screenshot tells you what I’m up against.

The guy filing claims of copyright to get videos pulled down, Leonard Pozner (Lenny Pozner on youtube) is himself in SERIOUS copyright violation on his own youtube channel !

Notice he has several RIPPED videos on his youtube going off on Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, David Icke, and “conspiracy theorists”… he is committing copyright violation while flagging others for copyright violation!

New opinionated 1st amendment guaranteed headline:

HYPOCRITE unhinged Sandy Hook family member Lenny Pozner, commits copyright violation, then files FALSE copyright violations against others to stop free speech.

unhinged family

See his channel yourself.    Oh the hypocrisy!

Filing claims against others while you yourself have ripped videos up with NO permission granted.  Copyright theft plain and simple.

While you’re there let him know that despite his “victim” status from Sandy Hook, he can now add “oppressive censoring fascist” to the description.   Maybe add “greedy two faced lying hypocrite” to the description as well.

It’s all about his bottom dollar apparently, check it out:

cash cow crooks

In my opinion, Leonard Posner is a greedy unhinged online-trolling oppressive censoring fascist two-faced lying hypocrite who goes by the multiple aliases of Eliezer Pozner / Lenny Pozner / Leonard Pozner / Len Posner / Traxel Pozner.

This man is fliling false claims against people looking into his multiple identities.

Let him know how you feel, since he’s collecting boat loads of money from the public, taxpayers, and in donations off Sandy Hook , while slamming others looking into him!

Again, here’s a link to his youtube channel where he himself actually DOES steal other peoples videos , putting them on his own channel ! (which I do not do by the way — all my videos are linked WITH permissions thank you very much :) )

You’d think I had some huge channel, and a huge following of people with the amount of hatred, resistance, and smearing I’ve received.   Getting crushed as a “conspiracy theorist” in the international news? multiple times? huh?  How does that even happen to someone who is not very popular?

How is it another COUNTRY can pick up your videos and slam you on their morning news, where government agencies respond to you  by issuing press releases denying what you’re saying when you make a video, when countless thousands of people band together form groups, forums, and “tribes” against you, literally NAMING you out in posts, videos, and even main stream news print articles….. being the negative topic of discussing on multiple radio shows, and truther channels to top everything else off (called a shill, and my findings denied by fellow researchers for some reason or another).

How can all that happen to someone, but then that same person gets zero response after?

How can an independent news provider, and researcher be expected to endure the aforementioned, while just trying to cover basic news other people cover online without all the craziness?

Why can’t I cover earthquakes, fracking, severe weather, weather modification, space anomalies, and a bit of fringe hard to find news without getting slammed like I’m Alex Jones?

Imagine it as such, 3 huge baseball stadiums full of people who signed up to see you are out there…. when you take the field, everyone gets up and leaves, and 200 – 1,000 people out of the huge crowd stays.

Yesterday proved to me that my viewers are nowhere to be found.  I’d like to hear someones explanation for this screenshot of my shutdown yesterday below.

I have 45,000 people on one feed alone, yet 1 share on my post  where I tell everyone I was just flagged by a Sandy Hook family???  After being up for a full DAY?!

Say hello to Sandy Hook (needless) censorship.  Documented proof below:

cash cow crooks scam social sites

Somethings just not right, and its not that my posts are lacking.  Posts are thorough, well researched, graphically appealing, and viewer directed.   Everything is free of charge, and provided daily on multiple sites for easy viewing.

Summed up, yesterday when my facebook got flagged multiple times by the Sandy Hook family, when my youtube video was taken down by a false copyright strike by the Sandy Hook family….. I came to my facebook to appeal to my viewers for some kind of action or help to take against these people filing false claims.

Directly after I asked for viewer help, Pozner came over and flagged a video down off my DAILYMOTION account!


honr networkaaaa

After getting shut down on Dailymotion, I came back to facebook to tell my viewers, and see what should be done.

The response to my removed videos , a post where I’m calling out to all viewers, was 1 share .

Out of all those people subscribed above on my different social media sites .. 1 person shared the news out of 174,000 between all my pages..  That person was Tatoott1009 by the way.

I asked my viewers to go over and say something to the guy filing all the claims.   That got ZERO shares after being up 8 hours.

That lets me know, I’m being blocked by certain “groups” in charge of the social media sites involved, AND my viewers are not checking in, or sharing the work I put out.

If its not going to be shared, and if I’m going to catch the hatred end that Britney Spears would blush to get, then its time to pack up shop.

One final thing ..

Lenny , and the Sandy Hook families involved, a message for you: