'You Have Been Warned': Patriot Takes Podium At County Commissioners Meeting!




The mission is simple. We The People are fed up with the lawlessness of our elected officials, and we’re going to take back our country one county at a time. We must get in front of our local elected officials and put them on notice of what their obligation is under the Oath of Office they have sworn to. Let’s face it, going to Washington, DC has proven to be a waste of time, and not everyone in the USA can afford to take time off work or travel to DC in the numbers we need to effect change. This process will be peaceful, lawful, but most importantly, in strict conformity with the U.S. Constitution.

Initially we’re going to select one State at a time, and schedule public presentations before County Commissioners at their public meetings. Designated speakers will be coached on what to say and do prior to the public meeting, and they will receive all the appropriate documentation to be read and filed in the public record within their respective counties. The first step in the process will be (1) Notification, the second will be (2) Violation of Oath of Office protest, and lastly (3) Enforcement protest. Specific details will be communicated as we progress through each phase — for right now, we need to all come together to build one success story within one State; covering every county within that State. No matter where you reside within the USA, you can participate as a volunteer to help recruit, train, develop and document each step for the purposes of creating public awareness for future meetings within the respective counties, as well as help build momentum as we enter every other State.

The first state we will sweep “County-By-County” is the State of Nevada in January 2015. Why Nevada? On January 7th the federal government is poised to attempt unconstitutionally seizing 3 million acres of land from the people of Nevada. Right now we need volunteers across the country who are willing to help perform the following tasks — you can assist from anywhere in the country, because eventually we’ll make it to your home state!:

1) Build a list of names, addresses, telephone numbers, public meeting locations, dates/times.

2) Research / scout for ideal contacts who leave in the respective county to develop as designated speakers

3) Build a list of contacts and organizations who will be in attendance during the public meetings.

4) Attend “designated speaker” coaching & education conference calls.

5) Manage calendaring future follow-up.

6) Build a video library of all public hearings/meetings and presentations to be shared with every other State.

7) Of course we need designated speakers who are coachable, comfortable and experienced.


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  1. This is what every red blooded American needs to do, take a stand now and demand that they be held liable or go by the original constitution.


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