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Published on Jan 1, 2015

Propaganda EPIC FAIL ! Starting off 2015 in the right direction, exposing a huge obvious lie. 🙂

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Here is the original BBC video showing this catastrophe of a false flage screwup:…







Here is one of the thousands of sources for this picture – this one from Haaretz:…



This is indeed the very same image the Mr. Lenny Pozner filed a FALSE copyright claim against (which came up in a google search in one of my videos).



This same image is NOW showing up as a “victim” picture of the Pakistan school shooting! Shown by BBC plastered on a wall half a world away.

No doubt about it, this is for sure the same image of one of the kids of Sandy Hook Connecticut named Noah Pozner.

Here is my full video on getting a strike for showing this image in question seen on the Pakistan wall:…

False flag fake out FAIL ! Got to love that someone would be so dumb as to use the same image twice , in two shootings.

Maybe they though there was NO WAY someone in the English speaking countries would see that tribute wall, give the liars enough rope, and they will hang themselves!



This is the video by the BBC that was published Dec 30th 2014 about the Pakistani School Event, stop it at 9 seconds and you will see the same Exact pic that was used in the MSM about the same supposed victim of Sandy Hook that occurred in 2012…


afp-pozner1 B5Dnn67CAAANA8r.jpg largebbc-pozner2

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook Full Video in Higher Quality


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