Google Adsense MALWARE ALERT!!!!

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Google Adsense MALWARE ALERT!!!! If you’ve got google ads on your site, or on youtube YOU ARE AT RISK!

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Have you guys been getting REDIRECTED to some weird site from sites like “zeekly” or sites like Tatoott1009? Or my site? From videos on youtube and dailymotion?!

Many people (including myself) are reporting this “redirect” ad which pops up, and sends you to a site called “Lemode-mgz . com” where a fat burning / webmd / dr. oz page comes up.

If you click back, it redirects back to the ad page again.

I was trying to watch videos on zeekly, and each page just sends you to this “Lemode” site. Very frustrating. And very concerning when it comes to security issues online.

Upon inspection of the issue, I’ve found out it is GOOGLE’s fault!

Its a Google ad which is “infected” .. causing dominance over the page the ad is running on.

Is this deliberate on the part of google to censor sites they don’t like?

Any site running a google ad COULD redirect you…

How do you know which ad is infected? We’re still trying to figure that out.

This should be something google is figuring out, as I’m not getting paid to do any investigative work for them. But it for sure is google ad sense that is causing the redirect.

It ONLY seems to be on sites that deal with sensitive issues, or conspiracy topics. Maybe a trojan ad of some kind directed to those sites only. Or it could just be a cheap ad that is infected.

The GOOD news is that your / my computer do not get “infected” by this redirect, but its an “infection” at the AD GIVERS end, at googles end.

This redirect is inescapable once you get it, as it takes dominance in your cache/cookies.

To clear it from your cookies, you have to clear the whole cache, losing your stored information and passwords off mozilla or IE explorer.

We know for certain this problem is across ALL platforms (MAC, PC, Linux etc), and we know for certain there is no “program” or .exe which runs on your local computer / machine at your (our) end.

It even redirects tablets like ipads, thus we know it comes from the ADs (sites without ads not having this issue).

Tatoott’s site is doing it, mine WAS doing it yesterday (which means the ads on my site yesterday did NOT have the specific “trojan ad” in the mix).

Tats site is running cheaper ads (do to his less traffic than my site).. therefore the “trojan ad” must be a cheaper ad (like chinese dating, or don’t eat the banana potassium diet ads).

Overall, this is a huge problem for google, which must be addressed immediately. Advertising is their #1 source of income, if there is something insecure about their ads, it could cause a huge impact to their overall bottom dollar (if advertisers and people running adsense have to REMOVE their ads from their sites).

Here is another forum discussing this very issue, having the very same problems, and coming to the same conclusions we have today.…/112424-lemode-mgz-redirect/

For the record, I’m removing my 5 adsense ad spaces from my site until this is fixed.

THERE IS A FIX! But not a good fix for googles ad revenue streams, that’s for certain!

We’ve done the experiment on tatoott1009’s website ( and as soon as he removed his ads from google, the problem was solved!