TWO 6.8 magnitude earthquake(s) strike Mid-Atlantic Ridge and at the border of Ukraine and Russia

February 13, 2015

Video update here:

TWO 6.8 magnitude earthquakes have occurred.

Two back to back borderline 7.0M earthquakes struck both the mid ATLANTIC ocean (mid atlantic ridge), and in Russia dead center between Russia and Ukraine!

two 7.0
February 13, 2015 (approximately 115 CST): Two back to back 6.8M earthquakes registered and reported by the USGS. One 6.8 magnitude event along the Mid-Atlantic , and at the same time a 6.8 magnitude struck exactly at the border of Russia and Ukraine. Now the USGS has removed the Ukraine information completely (within 2-5 minutes of posting it on their site – URL is below)

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6.8M along the Mid-Atlantic ridge:

6.8M at the border of Russia and Ukraine:


Now, as of 145pm CST February 13, 2015 – only one 6.8 magnitude earthquake showing, at the Mid- Atlantic ridge:

7.0m mid atlantic warning feb 13 2015


Luckily, no major wave movement, no tsunami warnings issued:



Want a warning for an earthquake? Its going to cost you! Now we know what earthquake forecasting is “worth”. A 15 second warning is worth 16 million dollars per year.

What then , must I ask, is a 7 day warning “worth”? I can tell you .. its worth about 300 dollars per month.

Hey, “science professionals”… I’ve got a few words for you.

Go deny science somewhere else, and while your at it go lift your stories from somewhere else scumbags.. fucking thieves and liars.