Swarm of earthquakes occurring in Idaho. Southwest of Yellowstone.


Swarm of earthquakes occurring in Idaho. Southwest of Yellowstone. Could be part of the magma chamber arm which reaches into central Idaho from Yellowstone supervolcano.

Not a sign of eruption, but a sign of earthquake stress building in the Pacific Northwest.

So far, we’ve seen a 3.4M, 3.1M, 2.9M occur within minutes of each other.

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This new swarm occurring East of Oregon, at the Idaho / Wyoming border …. which is located directly along the edge of the North American craton.

The craton is under pressure coming from the Pacific Northwest (as explained in my earthquake update video put out earlier this morning).

The pressure from the PNW causes displacement along the edge of the craton (pushing fron the NW to the SE along the obvious mountain ranges which exist upon the craton edge).

We saw signs of the building pressure via 4.2M + 3.1M seismic events, which showed up along the Southern edge of the craton in Oklahoma, and Alabama.

The movement in the South, and the movement on the East coast was a foreshadowing of the transfer of


East coast earthquake.

Movement again occurring on the Eastern edge of the craton, again in North Carolina.

This is a sign of the pressure on the craton edge. As if we needed any more confirmation that the plate is being displaced yet again.

We saw an earthquake swarm earlier yesterday on the Western edge of the craton at Idaho.

4.2M earthquake on the Southern edge of the craton in Oklahoma.

3.1M earthquake on the South-eastern edge of the craton in Alabma.

2.8M earthquake on the Eastern edge of the craton in Tennessee.

Now this 2.7M strikes North Carolina.

All these event occurred in the past 2-3 days.


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