US General Exposes 9/11 And Admits Our News Is Paid Pets And 75% Fake ! Shocking Video!


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General Stubblebine on 9/11

This is a very important video and should be shared by truth warriors around the world. I just let someone in my own family watch it and it rocked their world and they started waking up for the first time since 9/11! This is from somebody very brainwashed by the Fake News because they don’t have access to a computer. When I saw somebody in my own family start to wake up from this General, I knew that I had to post it so others may share it too! Get this out everywhere! It will help wake up the most stubborn that have been heavily mind controlled by the Fake News!

When you have a General saying that 9/11 is an inside job and he states that he can PROVE that an airplane did not hit the Pentagon it’s a very big deal! When 9/11 first happened, General Stubblebine bought the official fairy tale as many of us did, but his wife kept researching. When he began carefully looking at the photographs of the Pentagon provided by his wife’s research he knew something was wrong! There was no way that a jet hit the Pentagon as we were told. He found out that all the sensors at the Pentagon were turned off that day too! He began connecting the dots!

This information ties in with the information put out by VeteransToday that the Pentagon was hit by a US cruise missile fired by an Israeli submarine. This missile targeted the exact conference room where they told all the Navy’s Able Danger investigators to go into for an “emergency all hands on deck” meeting! We know this from the few surviving members of the team! The wanted to kill the entire Able Danger team because they had discovered over 300 missing nuclear weapons in the US inventory!

I really love this video because it really goes into the process of General Stubblebine’s awakening and he even admits that he had been brainwashed to never think our government would lie about something this big! Spread the truth to everybody you can and keep up the good work!

“I can prove that it was not an airplane” that hit the Pentagon