Barack Obama, from Zero To Lying Hero On May 1st, 2011 "Staged Bin Laden Assassination" "Seal Team Six Were Murdered"

The staged Bin Laden assassination by Barack Obama on May 1st 2011 was one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the American public, and of course, the entire world. It is important that people now understand eaxctly why he did it. There had to be a very good reason he would risk everything on such a monumental psyop, and of course there was… Obama was in really big trouble, it all began on March 23, 2011 when Donald Trump appeared on ‘The View’ in front of millions of Americans and explained why Obama needed to show his birth certificate!

Obama’s boss and New World Order Kingpin, Evelyn David de Rothshild, no doubt became very nervous about this new development in the phony birth certificate saga that was hanging over Obama’s head and threatening to derail Obama’s re-election in 2012. Rothschild, who many believe was the mastermind behind 911, being quite skilled in the art of diversionary tactics, knew he needed a very substantial distraction to get Obama off of the hook.

Oh Look… It’s Obama on Oprah! He Has Released His Birth Certificate!


Just over one month later on April 27, just a few days before the staged Osama hit, Obama arranged to tape an Oprah show to discuss why he had finally decided to release the long form birth certificate he had refused to show the American public. The document was released to the public just hours before the taping. You know, the same document Hawaii officials had already claimed was destroyed during the change over to computer files. Numerous experts immediately exposed the document as a poorly produced fake that was obviously done in a hurry.

When Oprah asked Obama why he decided to release the birth certificate he replied, “well it was time to get this silly little matter over with”.

The show with Oprah ran on Monday May 2nd after Obama announced to the world the night before that he had overseen the killing of Osama Bin Laden, America’s number one enemy. The birth certificate issue was now the last thing Americans wanted to hear about. (Nice work Evelyn, we all know Obama was not smart enough to come up with such a brilliant plan)

Barack Obama, from Zero To Hero On May 1st, 2011


17 Members Of SEAL Team Six Were Ambushed And Murdered A Few Months Later

We have to assume the hoax was going to be exposed.

22 SEALs were killed in August 2011 when the Chinook helicopter they were flying in was shot down by the Taliban in Afghanistan. 17 were from SEAL Team Six. The Father of one of the team members believes the U.S. government murdered his son and the other 16 members of SEAL Team Six. (Seal Team Six always operate out of state of the art attack helos and their operations are well planned out in advance. On this night they were sent out without much notice in an old Chinook transport helo on an unplanned mission into enemy territory. The black box was never recovered.)

Charles Strange, father of SEAL Team Six member Michael Strange has said that on three separate occasions, when his son was home visiting, that his son grabbed him by the bicep and announced that he had prepared a will. Michael also told his father that, “Something is going on with the team, somebody is leaking things, something is going on.” Other families have reported similar experiences with their sons.
Read the Obama Antichrist prophecies at they are a very sobering look at what is coming to the USA. After the Revelation 13 ‘head wound’ event Satan will enter into him and bring him back to life. At that point, which is likely very near, all hell is going to break loose in America.