Dennis Quaid's Outburst Was Fake – BUT Randy Quaid and Evi AND HIS BROTHERS INVOLVEMENT


So Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t behind Dennis Quaid’s on-set tantrum after all: Funny or Die was.
Footage of Quaid yelling on-set went viral Tuesday, and many immediately began pointing fingers at Kimmel—a late night host who’s known for pranks, including a similar one that convinced the mass media there was a wolf roaming the halls of athletes’ dorms at the Sochi Olympics. He addressed these accusations on his show Tuesday night, and less than 24 hours later, Funny or Die released a video exposing the truth behind the video: that it was all staged.

The beginning of the video features actual footage of news anchors covering Quaid’s freakout, and then launches into a scene starring Quaid sitting at the same desk where he has his hissy fit. He soon starts yelling—and it turns out he insults he threw around in the “leaked” video are literal: “Dopey the Dick” is his name for a man dressed in a head-to-toe penis costume, “pussies” is what he calls a basket full of kittens, and he steps on actual horse poop when he exclaims “this is horsesh–!”

The moral of the story: Don’t trust anything you see on the internet, and Dennis Quaid is (hopefully) not a monster. Watch the video below.

When footage of Dennis Quaid yelling at his crew surfaced earlier this week, many speculated that it was simply a prank cooked up by Jimmy Kimmel. The late show host addressed those rumors on Tuesday night’s episode: “There are two dozen articles and thousands of coments suggesting that this is a prank, and I am responsible for it,” he said. “And I have to say, that’s disappointing. You play like 50 pranks and all of a sudden people don’t trust you anymore.”

The clip in question features Quaid calling his crew names, including (profanity incoming): dickhead, Dopey the Dick, zombies, and pussies. “My favorite part was this: ‘I can’t even get a line out with Dopey the Dick whispering in my ear,’” Kimmel said after claiming he had watched the video 14 times the night before. “For the next eight years, I’m planning to call everyone Dopey the Dick.”



Proof Actor – Randy Quaid and his wife Evi – were SET UP

Proof Actor – Randy Quaid and his wife Evi – were SET UP

Recent information has been presented that shows that Randy Quaid and his wife were set up! It all revolves around the theft of their home in Santa Barbra California. Here is her “Evi Quaids” video showing the documents!

Also, the Quaids passports were revoked, years back and a petition has been set up on the White House – We The People – to try and help bring attention and or the reinstatement of their passports! Here is that link

BOTH – Randy and Evi are U.S. Citizens! Randy was born in Huston Texas and Evi was born in Vermont!

Lastly, the MSM is guilty of gross slander against the Quaids, ever since this entire fiasco started back in 2007. So it may very well be up to the Alternative Media to shine the light on this ever stagnant, story!