1st hand Video from Kathmandu Nepal shows damage to roads and bridges, collapsed sewer lines, and many damaged structures. This is just a small sample of the overall damage to the region.

Many fissures seen in pictures, and ground subsidence producing pavement fractures which also form their own man made cracks (fissures) below the immediate surface.

No doubt some liquifaction was occurring in areas.

Check the website for more pictures of the aftermath:

A 6.2 (6.1) magnitude earthquake has struck off the NW shores of Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada.

An earthquake forecast for Vancouver Island British Columbia was issued multiple hours before the event occurred. Warning residents of Vancouver of an impending large earthquake — the warning was ignored for the most part UNTIL AFTER the event occurred.

Website post covering the earthquake here:…

Earthquake forecast for Vancouver Island issued via video here – discussing Vancouver directly at about 13min into this video:…

Forecast issued via text here:…

Quote the forecast text:

“Be on full earthquake watch for the next 2-3 days in the Pacific Northwest and along the Southwestern Coast of California.

(my own advisory here – nothing ‘official’ from the professionals).

I just recorded a 30 minute long earthquake update!!! Will take a while to process and get out… I explain the watch zones, AND EXPLAIN how you can replicate the process of earthquake forecasting. I think the process is capable of being scientifically repeated by others.

In the meantime, just know that after the multiple day plume event, a 5.5M earthquake struck off the Coast of NW California — along the South Gorda Escarpment volcanic fissure zone.

This 5.5M was followed by TWO 4.2M earthquakes in Idaho along the edge of the craton, associated with volcanic chambers branching off of Yellowstone.

After the two back to back 4.2M in Idaho, another 3.7M earthquake occurred along the Juan De Fuca fault zone located off the Western shores of Washington State.

Any time we see larger movement along the Juan De Fuca fault zone, and we see additional stresses in the Northwest (such as we just saw in Idaho), then we need to be on watch in TWO areas.

The most obvious watch zone is the Pacific Northwest from Vancouver to this earthquake zone now moving.

The other less obvious watch zone are the adjacent faults SOUTH of this 5.5M event in California. The steam plume event which occurred is a giveaway for the areas we need to watch.

NW of Los Angeles by 50 miles near the fracking operation… NE of Los Angeles by 50 miles near Split Cinder Cone Volcano.. and from Desert Hot Springs to near Salton Sea volcanic buttes (about 50 mile stretch). Overall, its two rather small areas to watch over the next 2-3 days.

I hope nothing larger than a 5.0M hits, might be larger since the rest of the Pacific plate is moving heavily at the moment (including Calbuco volcano in Chile)

We should also see earthquakes now translate out across the edge of the craton (yet again).. already displacing Idaho with Two 4.2M events.. we should see movement again in Colorado / New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and further movement again up the East coast, including New York, Pennsylvania, and SE Quebec. All should show movement in the next 7 days.

A lot of movement SHOULD be coming, I hope I’m wrong, but in case I’m not, have an earthquake plan, and pay attention to things now.

Yesterdays major volcanic eruption is just one of many that are ongoing or have just happened. We are back in a 2011 type situation (just prior to the japan 9.0M megaquake in March 2011)…

SAME KIND OF SCENARIO NOW.. be ready, just in case.”