Ukraine Crisis: Donbass. Chronicle of Genocide. Banned on TV / Донбасс. Хроника геноцида. [ENG SUB]

Video footage of the fascist Kiev pro-nazi battalions and the mangled blown apart bodies of their ethnic Russian Ukrainian victims that they relentlessly bombed and attacked during the summer of 2014. The so called ‘civilized’ countries of the western world (US, Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan) not only turned a blind eye to these atrocities, they actually funded and fully supported the murderous fascist government and battalions that conducted them.

All the civilians victims of the Ukrainian war are ethnic Russia civilians. The Kiev militias drove 500 miles East to conduct their indiscriminate bombing of cities and villages full of civilians. Over 1.4 million refugees have fled to Russia for safety from the Nazi battalions. The US and EU have provided no comfort for any of the civilians who have been incessantly bombed. It is a travesty and it is all over the internet for anyone of sound mind and courage to see for themselves. In 2015 the truth cannot be hidden.

Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote a book in the nineties (1997) titled “The Grand Chessboard–American Primacy and it’s Geostrategic Imperatives” this book gives some insight as to the long term global strategies of the Western Anglo-American-Zionist “elites” and why they are using these Ukrainian Nazi proxies to conduct these atrocities.


President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has held a meeting with U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who is on a visit to Ukraine.

Petro Poroshenko has expressed gratitude to the United States for supporting Ukraine and promoting the implementation of the Minsk peaceful process.

The President has informed on the current situation in Donbas and the efforts of Ukraine on de-escalation.

The parties have discussed and coordinated actions on the peaceful settlement of the situation in Donbas and further introduction of reforms in Ukraine.

“Coordination of our actions with the U.S. is vitally important,” the President said. At the same time, he added that Ukraine strictly fulfilled the Minsk agreements and was ready to implement them.

The Head of State has emphasized that the pace of reforms in Ukraine was inevitable and informed that a regular session of the National Council of Reforms would be held today.

In her turn, the Assistant Secretary of State has emphasized that the main purpose of her visit to Ukraine was to exchange opinions, inform on the visit of the U.S. Secretary of State to Russia and reaffirm the support of the United States towards strict fulfillment of the Minsk agreements. Mrs. Nuland has also noted that the USA remained a reliable and faithful partner of Ukraine in the implementation of reforms, particularly in decentralization and struggle against corruption.