Has John Kerry disappeared ?

As of today’s date, (June 8, 2015), 9 days have passed since Secretary of State John Kerry “broke his femur bone” while “bike-riding” in France. We here at The Anti-New York Times (Sugar the Cat and myself) do not traffic in unsubstantiated Internet rumors and hearsay. For that reason, we ignored the early stories about Kerry having been shot and gravely injured in an ISIS (i.e. Israel) assassination attempt.



Something Wrong With This Picture?

Kerry Hospital

Kerry Hospital

In this photo provided by the State Department, Secretary of State John Kerry speaks on Tuesday, June 9, 2015, to National Security Adviser Susan Rice from his hospital room at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Kerry is recovering from surgery to repair a broken right femur he suffered during a biking accident in France. (State Department via AP)

But after thorough daily searches of the Internet, we have yet to find a single post-”bike accident” photo or video clip of John Kerry. Though a broken femur would be a serious injury, it would not prevent him from waving to a camera as he’s being carted out of an ambulance into a Boston hospital; or saying a few words from a hospital bed; or being wheel-chaired to the funeral of Vice President Joe Biden’s son. Heck, your reporter here recalls his elderly father groggily cracking jokes from his hospital bed the day after he had triple bypass surgery!
There are stories of Kerry recovering in a Boston hospital, but we have seen neither hide nor hair of the chatty Secretary. Attention-seeking politicians like him adore the spotlight. Why can’t he give a “thumbs-up” for the cameras? Why hasn’t his famous busy-body wife publicly commented on this? Where is the media on this? When Vladimir Putin disappears for an extended bathroom break, the Western Press is rife with conspiracy theories about his “disappearance”. Not so in this case. What’s going on here?


The images above are all that has been shown to the public – 8 days now, and counting.
UPDATE / DAY 9 / JUNE 8, 2015
A reader from Boston informs us:
“I’m living in Boston, and go past Boston Medical Hospital everyday. Haven’t seen any diplomatic security around, except on Boylston St.”

John Kerry and  Sergei Lavrov  in Moscow
Now, this is still an hypothesis at this point (though a pretty damn strong one as each day passes), but could it be that “the usual suspects” have had enough of Kerry’s chumminess with Iran, pressure on Israel, and pressure on the gangsters of Kiev to stop fighting? This is certainly not to portray FrankenKerry as some sort of heroic American patriot; far from it. But the fact is, in spite of public anti-Russian posturing, Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov maintained a professional working relationship and achieved some degree of positive progress with regard to both Iran and Ukraine. Remember, it was Kerry-Lavrov who diffused the push for the 2013 war on Syria (a back door to a war with Iran).
You see, Kerry is indeed an ultra-liberal dirty-dealing scumbag of the lowest rank. However, he is a pragmatic scumbag. As such, the possibility of nuclear Armageddon was never an idea he was all that crazy about. Yes, liberal scoundrels love their children too!
And it is equally true that the certifiably insane Neo-Con faction of America’s ruling PRC (Predatory Ruling Class) and the George Soros Globalist faction both want World War 3, and soon! Kerry’s oh-so-conveeeenient “bike accident” and sudden disappearance have catapulted Assistant Secretary of State for European & Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland (Nudelman) Kagan to de-facto headship of the State Department. In a sense, this had already happened before the “bike accident”. The reluctant Europeans now know that they are taking orders from neo-con warmonger Nuland, not Kerry.

Kerry and Lavrov sought to pacify the situation in Iran and Eastern Ukraine. Compare that to the relentless warmongering of Israeli agent Victoria “F–k the EU” Nuland (the fiend who helped to PERSONALLY incite the bloody Kiev coup of 2014) and the latest “bike accident” is very good news for the warmongers.
In much the same way that the reasonable and pragmatic Secretary of Offense Chuck Hagel was cast aside and replaced by the blood-thirsty warmonger Asston Carter; Kerry is being squeezed out by the PNAC “We-need-a-new-Pearl-Harbor” psycho Nuland-Kagan.
As crazy as this well-wishing may sound coming from The Anti-New York Times, here it goes: “Mr. Kerry. You are still a scumbag Globalist. Nonetheless, gunshot wounds or “broken leg” – whatever it was – please get better. And get back to work before Vicious Vicky and Ass Carter start World War III!”
The “dove” Hagel was bumped off in favor of the “hawk” Carter. Likewise, the “dove” Kerry is being squeezed out by his “subordinate” Nuland (the body language says it all).
UPDATE / DAY 9 / JUNE 8, 2015



Source: http://nesaranews.blogspot.com/2015/06/john-kerry-has-been-disappeared.html

“The American people don’t believe anything until they see it on television.”
~ Richard M. Nixon, U. S. President

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