Caught red handed! Again B/S ALERT INC. GOV.

You can see that my access to social media was BLOCKED on one internet service, while opening fine on a wireless mobile connection the powers that be didn’t know I had
And it’s not a matter of load time… since the mobile wireless connection is 20 times slower than my home wired connection through AT&T.
For the record, I am a former wireless telecom worker , who actually worked for Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems / SBC corporation / Cingular (now ATT).

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Also, I personally ran my own computer repair business in Colorado — thus I know what is going on here.
The fact that the “blocked” or “throttled” website opens up lightning fast on the mobile connection proves that the home connection was being held back to block access to a site I personally use to share information.
This is done via government controlled (telecom company approved) allowance of the flow of information they deem a “threat”.
I don’t blame AT&T, Facebook, Youtube, Google or any other company for this “problem”, they are unwilling subjects to the same “big brother” tactics that I am suffering under right now. No doubt facebook (and other social media) are aware of this activity, but can do nothing about it — since the flow of data is being put through ‘gatekeepers’ between my house, the telecom company, and facebook servers.
In my case, the censorship comes after I’ve been recently posting on “Abolishing corporate government” , and was singled out directly by the US Government, main stream media, and even science professionals who work for state / National agencies for making a video on youtube regarding a volcanic plume seen in Arizona….. the video went viral, and was shared widely across facebook.
Clearly the “government” who singled me out publicly via press releases over the volcanic event, is now upset by my sharing other EARTHQUAKE information — thus they blocked access to my main means of communication.

The way you “stop” this illegal activity done by “big brother” is to record them doing it (as I have just done), and then show the world. I have placed a call to my internet service provider, and the technicians will be shown this video as an example of what the “connection problem” is.
The “problem” is that certain social media sites are being blocked by a 3rd party who AT&T must submit to… that 3rd party is a party which has the ability to BLOCK the sites they wish across multiple domains…. thus this reduces the “culprit” of said censorship to most certainly be a “government” source.
It’s a shame we live in the dark ages… whoops… I mean the 21st century… where government has become MORE oppressive than the middle ages / dark ages Church + inquisition.
EVERYONE MUST THINK THE SAME , ACT THE SAME, AND BELIEVE THE SAME THING! (don’t you know dutch?! get with ‘the program’!)
Epic fail on all accounts.. thus I made this video to document the depths to which the government (powers that be who monitor, control, limit, throttle + censor) will go to in order to stop certain information.
Ironically, as they were blocking me from social media… a rare M6.1 earthquake struck West of Hawaii… the USGS is not reporting the earthquake (censoring it).. thus… you’ve got to wonder … were they blocking my social media access to prevent me from sharing the earthquake information they’re trying to hide?!
It’s certainly 1 possibility of many.

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Much love during wild times!!! Love one another, and use your mind to win the information war we are currently in. Dark forces out there trying to stop free thought, and science.
You know things are getting really really bad when the government starts to actually censor science data, and slam researchers who find things the government doesn’t like.
This is actually WORSE than the middle ages… because we should have learned the lessons of the past when it comes to government killing off or silencing science voices who present data which may be controversial.