Never Before Seen Jade Helm Crisis Actor Orientation Leaked By Insider!

The Jade Helm exercises official kick of date is July 15, 2015. However multiple Jade Helm drills are already taking place all across the country. Footage of military personnel in our streets has been leaked from Florida, to California, to Arizona, and now Texas.

fish-CERN 5

What you are about to see in the video below is leaked footage of a crisis actor/role player orientation for the Jade Helm military drill that was held on April 21-22, 2015 in Govalle Water Treatment Plant in Austin, Texas which was decommissioned in October 2006. The scenario involved a hurricane which produced a microburst that caused a commercial jetliner to crash into a chemical plant causing mass casualties. Role players were to told to act as contaminated victims….

(NOTE- Keep in mind the actor is hiding the recorder as he films it, so the footage/audio is not the best)


Could these crisis actors be role players for some type of manufactured HAARP attack, chemical leak, or nationwide pandemic, which could technically mimic the above scenario? Was such a situation supposed to happen with Tropical Depression Bill or is it yet to play out? Maybe it is just your typical military drill preparing for the unknown. Either way we have to remember drills like these have sometimes been triggers for the real event or a warning to a coming false flag. Not to mention Operation Northwoods the operation in which the government openly welcomed false flag attacks on their own populace. I guess the ultimate decision is yours…